Sunday, December 8, 2013

Totes Ma Goats

Sorry friends... I only TOTES MA GOATS but I'd be happy to share another printable with you!  Love, Elfia

Super simple to make.  Just print, cut, and tape or glue.  (I liked the way mine printed on card stock to hold my sturdy goat friends.)  Then attach washi tape, string, or ribbon to add stylish straps.  Hope it brings a smile to your little ones faces!

Friday, December 6, 2013

What Does The Fox Say?

Elfia finally figured it out and decided to share the love with a 4x6 printable to help your elf on the shelf deck the halls! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Be The Good

To Make: 1 Be The Good Board
You'll find almost everything you'll need in a single trip to Lowe's or Home Depot: 
3 - Furring strips
2 - 18 inch Metal Brackets
1 - 12 inch  Metal Bracket 
40 - 1/2 inch screws
Paint - at least 3 colors 
(base, text, accent text)
(Grey, white or bone, muted yellow.)
3 paint brushes (1 wide) 
Mounting brackets
Wire (for hanging)
Saw - Hand, table, or miter will work.
1 24" Vinyl Stencil - email me and I can have it shipped it to you.  
1 • buy three furring strips, which are 2x1x96", to make one 18x24" sign.
 • push them them up against a flat surface. It makes it easy to measure and mark them all in 24" segments simultaneously.
2 • cut straight across each board with a hand or miter saw (you'll end up with 12 pieces).
3 • lay boards next to one another.
4 • align boards so that one side is straight.
5 • drill metal brackets to each piece with 1/2" screws.  (If brackets are too long angle them inward just until they won't hang over the edge.  If screws are too long they'll poke through the front, too short and they won't secure the boards.)
6 • since you've already aligned one side you'll only have to clean up one side of the boards.  Drawing a straight line makes it easier to run through a table saw so both sides are straight.  If you'd rather not or don't have a table saw just make sure each piece is exactly 24" long.  I made one with each piece slightly different in length it added a rustic, "found" flair.  As you can see I secured a board that was warped with a couple extra screws on each side to anchor it to the bracket and keep it stable.
7 • this is what the hardware looked like on some that had wider furring strips, others had more narrow strips so I had to angle the brackets inward.  
8 • I used the double holed mounting hardware so the brackets seemed a little more stable and didn't twist... though a single would be fine. They run around $2-4 at any hardware/craft store.  I then ran hanging wire through a few times and twisted it tight.  Leveling and hanging pieces from two mounts is too tedious and unforgiving.  "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT" hence the use of wire 'cause it's self leveling and more adjustable.  
9 • I painted the base a grayish color.
10 • I then added some brown and grey striations
11 • I blended them all together with a wide brush by running it side to side until it reminded me of weathered wood with a patina of natural color variations.  
12 • I transferred the vinyl stencil into the wood using the supplied clear transfer tape which aids in aligning & centering the text.  I LOVE using the vinyl stencil as it's adhesive makes it harder for paint to seep through thus blurring the text.  You can order this by emailing me at orders (at)  

Below are the photos of the colors I chose, as well as exact prices or estimates that you can buy everything for.  Click on image to see detail.  

Tip: To make more of a stained piece rather than a painted one add more water than paint.  I always used equal parts water and glaze.  

If you've been eyein' this saying as long as I have, hopefully this will help you finally get this inspiration into your life and home.  I just made this up as I went along, after falling in love with a picture that inspired this creation.  So if I forgot to mention or explain something just ask.  I'd be happy to answer any questions!  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick - Or - Treat!

NOTHING AGAINST CANDY... just thought we'd give our friends a break from sugar-laden doorbell ditched goods.  'Tis the season... of candy induced treason!  Heaven knows I love me some sweets but I just thought it'd be nice to break up the sugary monotony... while also using up the deliciousness that went untouched at our Fab Friday.  Thanks Denise!  It's the gift that keeps on giving! 

 I'm not gunna lie friends... my husband and I love using Halloween as a great excuse to procrastinate our Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching drop-offs.  After all, who doesn't love a timely holiday treat?!  If you do too, feel free to use this to print off your own and share the love with your friends as well!  I got these fun boxes at Hobby Lobby, though these would be just as cute stapled onto simple brown lunch bags with treats inside! 

Here's the printable I made on Rhonna's amazing app!  You can download it here.  It's already formatted so all you need to do is click and print!  Happy Halloween friends!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Molten Lava Cakes

Don't judge a book by it's cover... and don't judge a cake by the fact that it comes from a package.  I've tried many "from scratch" recipies that can't get close to this one.  Not all boxed cakes are created equal and this one transcends them all as it's one deceptive little box, and I thought I should let you know what it's capable of.  This baby makes Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes that are every bit as good as Flemings, Roy's and even Disney Cruise's Palo restaurants' versions.  They're fool proof and come with perfect little paper cups that cook and release the cakes perfectly.  No mess either?  BONUS!  We love ours à la mode and cut them open as soon as they're served to stop them from cooking all the way through so we can keep that melted molten in it's oooey gooey consistency that we love so much.  

Spaghetti Bryan

Tonight I married two of my loves: Spaghetti Squash and Carrabba's Chicken Bryan.  A staple around here is my rendition of Carrabba's tasty Chicken Bryan but tonight I decided to mix it up and center the meal around a lighter, healthier, nutrient dense subject and the spaghetti squash that's been sitting on our counter fit the bill of our hungry hankering perfectly.

Don't know if I can really call this a "recipe" since I'm not making my own sauces or ingredients for this meal.  Just keeping it real friends.  Thankfully so are these ingredients so other than the fact that they're not organic, the sauces are all made of real wholesome goodness that even I can pronounce, with no nasty fillers or artificial preservatives.
Carrabba's sure knows how to throw delicious ingredients together.  And these  three ingredients are no exception: sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, and caprino cheese make one tasty triad.  I usually set these atop our grilled chicken and drizzle it with another Carrabba's secret: their lemon butter sauce.  So bomb.

We made an eclectic duo and enjoyed it with baby back ribs.  What would you pair it with?

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Mac Of All Cheeses

Rainy Days and Mondays always bring cravings around. Ah, the sweet comfort that only Mac and Cheese can provide.  If you've ever eaten the Mac and Cheese at Paradise Bakery or Panera Bread you know the silky, rich, & smooth comfort I'm talking about. Ha.  But seriously it's that good.  So I've tried relentlessly to replicate that heaven they serve in a bowl only to be disappointed failed recipe after failed recipe.  Even a knock-off recipe on Paradise's blog that touts it as being "the ultimate" couldn't be farther from the ultimate indulgence.  Ulghk.  The floury roux cements your pot o' pasta into one solidified mass of nastiness.  So my hilarious theory is that it is all a ploy to get us back in there once we discover the recipe they gave us only leaves us with our Mac & Cheese hunger still unfulfilled.  I had to figure out a way to have it on command. Something that would not only taste amazing but would taste just as good reheated.  Not only am I a self-proclaimed Mac and Cheese connoisseur but I am a left-over snob.  It's gotta be good reheated or it's not taking up valuable space in my fridge.


And after many failed attempts I finally  cracked the code friends!  I figured out the secret combination of ingredients to  get that cheesy, creamy, heavenly, goodness.  Three ingredients was all it took.  (Funny how the yummiest recipes are the simplest ones.)

The Mac of All Cheeses

Side note- I love Cabot's Vermont cheddar as it comes wrapped in this non water permeable wax packaging which keeps it ultra fresh until you're ready to use it.  I absolutely love it.  It peels off like a clemintine cutie rind on a hot day.   I always find it at Costco.
I used equal parts of the 3 ingredients, so simple right?!  And even with quadrupling the recipe, it turned out perfectly.  Rare moment for me!   And yes, this is a picture of what I reheated from last night, same noodles and all!  Happy happy happy!  It was a touchdown in our kitchen as we (...or should I say the guys enjoyed the game :) last night.  Hope you enjoy it in yours too!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who Needs A Wreathin To Craft?

Apparently I did... 'cause after searching for cute patriotic wreaths and coming up short I decided to make my own.  I wanted something for my double doors so that it would read as an American flag stretched across both wreaths... and I found nada.  How is it that none of the fabulous crafters of etsy or Pinterest haven't come up with something?!  I mean c'mon it meant I actually had to think up something on my own, which was probably a good brain exercise since I love and use both of those websites a tad excessively I'm pretty sure my brain has lost nearly all activity. ;)  I also like the look of horizontal stripes so it would look like an actual flag... but the only wreaths I could find all had the sunburst pattern which seemed overdone and a dime a dozen to me.  No offense to anyone, just my opinion.  So this was my solution to make a patriotic floral wreath duo that actually looks like an American flag.  I'm sure there are cheaper ways than using hydrangeas like I did, though Michael's IS having a big floral sale right now. ;)  Since it's kinda different I wanted to keep it semi traditional by using silks, I'm sure the tshirt/fabric scrap or paper/tissue methods could work too.  I went and got the cheapest wreath forms michaels had, which were the plastic wrapped hay ones.  I think they were $4.  Hobby lobby was closed or else I totally would've gone there as their wreath stuff is way cheaper.  I think it's $4 for styrofoam ones whereas Michael's are $8.  Again just guesstimates but when I'm a woman on a mission I like to strike while the iron's hot and the idea is fresh in my mind. ;) So Michael's it was. I just used chintzy white fabric cut into strips to wrap around my cheap-o hay wreaths so they still look fab from inside my house.  Then wielded my hot glue gun like Butch Cassidy in a stick up.  And there you have it!    Lmk if you have any questions!  

It was a laughy, crafty, icedreamy day!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mother's Day Medley

Love Is Spoken Here, I Often Go Walking,
& We'll Bring The World His Truth

Sorry to disappoint, as this is pretty bare boned folks... but I changed the key to make them all pretty easy for primary pianists to learn quickly.  Now let's cross our fingers that the kids will too. :)

Having them flow together also takes out the pause between songs, which often leads to distracted littles in front of the congregation.  

Hope this helps!


UPDATE : Click HERE to download a PDF version of the medley.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Free Conference Printables

Better late than never, right?
 These can be cut and used as baggie toppers
for the yummy "gems" that the kids
can use as markers.  When they get bingo
they can then eat them as their
reward for listening!
There are 12 different cards to mix things up!

Thanks to Rachel Bruner for creating the bingo cards. 
You can get a simplified version here

Hope these help your littles enjoy conference a little more!