Thursday, August 28, 2008


What do you need when you're blue?
I know CHOCOLATE works wonders for me, 
and my hopes are that the same will be true for my friend.  
That was my inspiration when I turned into a Martha Stewart-
 wannabe and decided to try and bake some desserts to at 
least try and cheer up my friend from the less-than-sunny-week
 she and her family have had.  There's only so much chocolate can do,
 so please just know that an adorable 2 year old is in need of your prayers.

Nutter Butter & Oreo Truffles

Nutter Butter & Oreo Cookie Truffles

1 bag Nutter Butter or Oreo Cookies 
8 oz. softened creme cheese
1 pkg Chocolate Bark for Nutter Butters or Almond Bark for Oreos
1 square of the opposite bark for drizzling

1. Mix ground Oreos and cream cheese until well combined. (I just put mine into my Kitchen Aid for 5 min on low while nuking the creme cheese.)  Roll into 1 inch balls and place onto baking sheet or tray.  Refrigerate overnight or until very firm.  (I say 1/2 an hour is sufficient.)
2. Melt chocolate according to package directions.  Using 2 little spoons, dip balls into chocolate and place onto parchment paper to harden.  Once dry, melt square of opposite bark and spoon into the corner of a Ziploc baggie.  Snip the corner of the baggie and drizzle the chocolate back and forth over the truffles.  Let dry.
3. This all sounds fine and dandy... seems easy enough right?  Wrong.  The only problem I ran into was my lovely little Smith's store didn't carry the "bark" or even any hardening chocolate coating except for in the produce section.  (I should have just stopped there... but vision of these chocolate truffles just wouldn't leave my pregnant chocolate-craving mind.) The milk chocolate one melted fine... but the white, not so well.  It was lumpy and nasty and wouldn't change consistency... I tried with two separate containers to no avail.  So... what you're seeing are really truffle-mishaps, but I just worked with what I had.  So I put the lumpy white chocolate on top of the Oreo spheres, and so they'd have a better consistency to bite into, I dipped the bottom of them into the chocolate.  So now you know why my recipe says one thing and my pictures are showing another... better luck with your white chocolate melting experience!  Let me know if you try these!  I'm bringing the leftovers to Powell... can't wait to see my family members faces when they taste these!  Greg & Blake are in love.
(This recipe made about 30 truffles.)


My sister Summer and I have been baking quite a bit
comparing recipes, methods AND madness on the phone. :)
So here's what mine turned out like Summer...
not so hot seeing as I don't have the KING sized
muffin tins like you... but after tasting them... I'm 
not about to complain.  Now it's your turn... POST 'EM BABY!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A peek into our Colorado week...

I have to admit that I was scared.  Scared to drive the 350
miles to the cabin in Colorado- just Haven and me.  Alone.  Not cool.
Luckily she was just short of a halo over her head and did
pretty darn good.  Unfortunately she only slept probably an hour total.
Amazingly though we only stopped once in Moab.  (I'm kind of
hard core when I'm driving... I just wanted to get there and 
thankfully Haven and her diapers were up for the challenge.)
  So these pictures mark the beginning 
of our week in Colorado:
As you can see... she LOVES hats...
playing with her cousins...
and making me laugh.
I have some of the most gorgeous nephews... ever.
-The Buzz in Honeyville-
Here's Haven, Lexi, Bryson & Landon checking out
 the indoor, glass-walled beehive.
LOVING time on the lawn mower and ANY and ALL attention 
she could steal from Papa Updike.  She would seriously BAWL
if he even thought about doing anything without her in the equation.
Getting kisses from Daddy before his ride.
Sorry... I just really like this one. :)
Daddy Updike MADE them wear helmets this year... much to their dismay.
I say FINALLY!  Figh-NUH-LEE!  I've been waiting for it to finally hit them
before the asphalt does.  I'm proud of our boys.  I know it was hard.
Haven & Grammy
(who she calls "Dah-mee" & has missed so much since we left...)
She LOVED this little bridge... we couldn't get her off of it.
She thought it was a "weeeee" which in Haven terms means a slide.
Heather was surrounded by her beautiful pouty faced kids
who were so distraught when Jeff left on the ride.
Grammy and Haven having one of their cute little moments
Haven loved playing with all the boys...
 and their Tonka toys...
and throwing the ball.  Who'da thought?
She loved playing with them all so much... she didn't care if it was raining.
Between the fun company of her cousins... the "weeee" bridge... and the boys
toys... she was in heaven.  Rain or shine she wanted to be outside.
Here she is with her beloved daisy headband that she calls her "HAT!"
Yes... the same hat that she had to wear the ENTIRE drive from
California to Utah with my parents while we were on our cruise.
Whatever makes her happy.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I forgot to include this picture that Kylan took of all our 
Harley boys who although were depleted in number this year 
still look like a pretty intimidating bunch... or not. :)
(I love that none of them even know, or care, this is being taken.)
Annual Harley Ride 2008
The guys that went this year were: my father-in-law Jim, 
brother-in-law Jim, Jeff, (Steve was missed), Greg, Gary Knight, 
Jason and Jared Knight, Tom, Tommy, Doug, and Chris Grover 
and their bro-in-law Jeff, Mark Shady, and Ken and Kylan Lundeen.
(they normally have 20+ bikes but the Jensen's went hardcore to Sturgis,
and Randy, Aaron and Tony Knight were unable to come.)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


David, Stacey, Greg, me, Haven, Kira & Preston
Here's the story of 3 macho boys that decided
they were going to push a HUGE boulder into the water...
because they were tough, and thought the three of them together could do it.
(even though they had no shoes and were burning their feet all-the-while.) 
So they swam to the side, and hiked up to it.
They pushed and they pushed... but to no avail.
They then decided that they would try a smaller
boulder... but try as they may... it just wouldn't budge.
(Their feet were pretty fried by this time.)
So with blistered feet, they finally settled on the realization that they would 
have to push a tiny rock into the water... and what do you know!?
And then celebrated their victory on their swim back to the boat.
The end.

Here's Me & Stace
 We had SOOO much fun
There are so many cool caves... next time
I really want to go just to explore.

When Greg was out surfing and wakeboarding
Haven couldn't get enough of Doritos... waving... and saying
"HI DADDA!!! HI!!!" Even she was proud.
Okay... so maybe we're juvenille but Stace and I had 
to continue our name leaving tradition.
This time it didn't say Shavonne & Stacey BFF...
but us and our hubby's initials... CUTE!
Cutest little bootie around...
she wouldn't take my cowboy hat off for the world

60% of the time... the boat put her to sleep EVERYTIME.
Girl time!
Asleep again...
Preston being Preston
Haven loved the water...
so much in fact she kept trying to drink it...
Just after Stacey's tube SUBMARINED!  
Greg and Preston... funny boys.
Beautiful Sunset
Haven almost died of excitement when we turned
on the T.V. and YO GABBA GABBA was on...
that's what I call divine intervention.