Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sound Asleep

Haven fell asleep while listening to me play the piano... and Drake is also napping. SERENITY. It's not that I'm a she-toven or anything ('cause let's be honest I'm only playing from my rusty memory)... she's just had a rough day, which has included several tantrums during and after our playday here with a few friends. I love that despite her sassy demeanour today, she still put a blanket under her feet so they wouldn't "be on the couch." Haaa. She's so selectively obedient. :) Love her.

Needless to say, I'm enjoying my piano... now that we finally moved it here with us and while I have 2 minutes that they're both actually sleeping. Added to the fact that I just "discovered something," as Haven would say, that my Middle pedal - The "sostenuto" one that basically makes the piano much more quiet can be pushed down and to the side for perma-shushing abilities which is perfect during nap time. Embarrassing, but I've never noticed that before... nor has it ever been more been more useful. Shhhweeeet!

Oh the simple joy of getting to spend some long over due play time with my piano. It's been an eternity, and it shows. :) So peace out, I'm going to play softly until they wake up. Cross your fingers that I get at least 10 minutes in. :) Ha.

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