Thursday, January 12, 2023

Breakfast At Tiffany's Ideas

When asked to help decorate for our teachers TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Food) that was already slated with the "Breakfast At Tiffany's" Theme, I figured since I had already purchased some things... two birds, one stone... and that I'd press the replay button and use it to celebrate our miracle's first birthday party theme as well!  So here are some pics of her birthday party as well as our Teacher's Appreciation "Bruncheon"!

Friday, April 3, 2020

Egged - TP'd - Loved | Quarantine Friendly Easter Drop Offs!

Have you been wanting to make someone smile?  Like physically smile, and not because of something seen from a screen? Well if so, this post is for you.  Let's be honest, it's hard to make someone smile and not be happier yourself.  We're all missing each other, and having some sort of human to human interaction, even if it is from a safe distance.  Let's call it what it is.  This is such a weird time.  A beautiful, chaotic, weird, and dare I say, a little eerie time... with how empty store shelves are on posts I've seen, and how silent roads are now.  Have you been like us and looking for a socially acceptable but physical way to reach out?  Yes, technology has its' place (and also assisted in the making of these printables), but there's something about having physical human connection that we all inherently yearn for.  So get your printer fired up!  You're about to make some fortunate friend's day by spreading some sunshine their way!
Every Spring we do Easter Drop offs, and this year for some reason I bought everything before Spring break and even had all the eggs filled before we even left on vacation.  What?  Weird I know.  My kids were like "No Mom we canNOT deliver them before St. Patrick's day... that would be awkward."   Ha!  Well lucky for them we didn't... and lucky for our recipients, as we made these drop offs and purchased all the stuff for them, before things got to where they are now.  Hallelujah that these things are all still available for curbside pick up!  The only thing you need though are the eggs, if you don't already have some!  48 for $3!  Such a score especially while they still have them, as every year by the time I usually go they're sold out.  So strike while the iron's hot on those EGGciting finds friends!  If you're interested in the extra's click on the items for the links below:
to simplify you can use fresh or faux flowers that you already have 
Another option are these cute ones Target has:
Or I got mine from Michaels who also offers curb side pickup too!
You can also fill your eggs with candy or use small seed's adorable idea of filling them with significant things representing Christ's resurrection and the events that led up to it.  Get their resurrection egg ideas here and the printable for them here.
Love this beautiful home artwork by Amber Eldredge!
You can get yours too right here
She is inspired and has such a heaven sent gift.
Doing "drop offs" is one of our favorite pastimes, 
and even when they're not meant to be doorbell ditched... 
the kids always insist on that being their M.O.
Who can blame them?  Ah to be a kid!
Luckily all of our friends get us, and (hopefully🀞🏻) love us,
 and now more than ever probably don't mind
that we're MIA by the time they get to the door. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»Ha!
Here it is all splayed out!  When delivered, everything was placed inside the basket minus the eggs as they were hidden around their yard.  I used the TP as a vase for the flowers, and tucked it and the printables right inside the basket with it.  Some people didn't get baskets cause we ran out but it still looked cute simply displayed on their porch sitting the toilet paper atop printables.  Yes, the toilet paper is wrapped in tissue paper to keep it fresh.  For the video on how to wrap it check out my Instagram or Facebook posts.  Here or here.  In AZ we've had dry weather but if you have some moisture in the forecast pop it in a large ziplock or wrap cellophane around it and top with a bow!  That would be adorable!  Just don’t forget to tape the “Egged TP’d Loved” and the ”read this first” printables on top of it all or to their door opening so that they’ll see it first thing.  
To to recap, just so we're clear, be sure to print out the disclaimer.  If people follow directions there will be no spread germs, and we will obviously not assume liability for any germs spread so please print that out. This whole quarantine sitch is a polarizing one with some, so it's better to err on the side of caution.  To each their own, and we all agree that we want everyone to be healthy, happy and safe.   We love you all.  Happy Easter and have fun scattering sunshine!

Get Your Printables Here:
4. Family Name Tags (optional)
For this last printable; one page is purposely upside down as it's been formatted to perfectly print in alignment so that you can print double sided.  Because of this cardstock is not necessary, though it does make it look nice.  Whether from a phone or computer make sure your double sided print option is on for this one.  To print - tap on the three dots on the top right then - select export - then print.  πŸ’—

lmk if you have any questions-

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Drake's Creation
Haven's Cute Little House
Still the Cutest Little Helper
before blending... i love the look of both!  What do you think?
Backyard Behind The Scenes With Our Chalkspiration Crew

Little Monkey
We Rise By Lifting Others

Long May She Wave and Forever May We Stand 
Behind Our Leaders, Our Forebearers, and Our Troops.
Our Very First
Cap'n Hook and Peter's Shadow
So thankful for all of our first responders worldwide.  
What courageous men and women.  
We love and appreciate you beyond words.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Boys’ Valentine Idea & Printable

Oh the joy of being a mom to a boy... and being privy to all the things they find funny.  Here’s a last minute Valentine that’s sure to guarantee fun for everyone in the class!

A special thank you to Shellie with and her adorable printables that I piggy backed off of by making a reverse side to it so it could be used as a bag topper instead.

Order soon and you can receive these whoopie cushions by tomorrow!

They come already prepackaged in their individual bags, and I’ve got the printable all sized in proportion to them so all you have to do is print, cut and glue/staple them on and they’re ready to go!

I’m not getting any kickbacks from the maker of these by any means, I just figured someone may be able to use these printables since I already made them, so I may as well share! 😘  Enjoy friends! Happy Valentine’s Day! πŸ’—

Ps: the heart shape was just drawn on the bag with sharpie and you can place the labels whichever direction you’d prefer!  Have fun creating with your littles!  Drake and I had a blast last night! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‚

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Primary Program Printable Invitations 2016

These make the perfect sized, and easy to print and cut invitations for your Primary Children to give to friends, neighbors, teachers, and family alike!  Click HERE to download yours.  To make your own, simply insert the photo onto a word document, then go to Position>More Layout Options > then select "place BEHIND TEXT" so then you can personalize your invites and insert the meeting place and time of your Primary Program!  
Here's what the file looks like-

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Right here in this post you will find ideas, pictures, free tutorials and printables to make your party a memorable & adorable one!
I thought I'd do a post similar to something I was hoping I'd find while preparing this last minute Star Wars party for our two littles in two days.  I had no idea what I was venturing into... but nothing I found was light colored or the look I was going for.  So I made my own and figured someone else may be in the same boat wondering if it was possible to have a Star Wars theme and a cute party not be mutually exclusive.  Granted the party took place at night so the party photos don't really do the "fun-ness" justice but you'll get the idea and this post will hopefully be a launch pad for your own ideas!  These were the invites to our shin-dig but there are two printable invitation options for your printing pleasure down below.
Our Party's Itinerary:

Entertainment was purely that!  We had a special visit from Star Wars Characters!  Rey taught all our young ones Jedi training and they all got to test their new skills with their dollar store light sabers on Kylo Ren!  Our friends Ian and Christina Jensen's costumes & acting were AMAZING!

The other games they played involved two sets of teams using two noodle light sabers each (from Target) and getting whiffle balls across the lawn.  Whoever got most won!  They loved this one.

Another game played (in addition to the impromptu light saber battles throughout the party:) was the classic Darth Vader piΓ±ata which I also got at Target.

The main event was watching Star Wars on the big screen outdoors with all the fun fixings to munch on that they each put in their white paper bags to take outside and then home with them.

This party was an absolute blast to plan and even more fun to watch the kiddos enjoy!

As always, this is not a sponsored post but I wanted to throw out a special thanks to AZCookieCorner for the adorably delicious cookies and SurpriseCakes for making this scrumptiously delectable one!  Could NOT believe they were able to do this with such short notice.  These ladies are BEYOND CREATIVE and TALENTED.

Click the image below to enlarge our party's pictures and get some ideas for your own!

Here's a preview of what your printables will look like!



THESE ARE FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY.  Please feel free to share and direct people to to print their own!  Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Wars or Disney and these are just artist's renditions of the characters put onto printables that I have created and am now SHARING WITH YOU!  The character's pictures I purchased for private and commercial use from ClipArtopia and LightBreezeBoutique.  Click on their names to view their cute shops!

FUN DECOR TIP!  To make what I used for the backdrop I just taped two strips of streamers together to make them wider and then folded them up so I could cut fringe more quickly along the sides.  Unravel, tape up, and complete them with the printable handles below to finish your light sabers!

I love getting feedback and it's nice knowing this was time well spent putting this together if it meant it helped you!  THANKS FRIENDS!