Saturday, October 18, 2008

Greg's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Greg...
This is one of Haven's favorite things in the world:
a golf cart ride with Sam, Grammy, & Papa Updike!
Her other favorite: snuggle time with Papa.
I bought a Carmel Apple kit at Crate and Barrel, brought it over to Summer & Phil's, and as I had hoped it was a huge hit with the kids!
Here's cute lil' Madison (showing us what appears to be a piece of toffee that fell off of her carmel apple.)
Haven just eating it up.  She loves apples.  (Appo's)

Here's beautiful little Brooklyn.
Studly little Boston.  
Here's Paris with a classic caramel filled grin!  I love this picture.  

Carmel-Apple-Making-Day at Summer's Continued...

Here's a couple pics I stole from Summer's Blog to complete our Carmel-Apple-Making Memories.
They turned out to be oh so golden delicious. Ha!  I'm lame.