Monday, August 30, 2010

Haven's First Day Of Preschool

She's growing up so fast.

Too fast.

In fact... I wish Haven could just stay her
little innocent, sweet, inquisitive, feminine, curious,
optimistic, loving, helpful little 3-year-old-self forever.
Glorifying The Mundane
I had to keep myself busy... to distract myself from the fact that Haven was at school... for the first time ever. *Sigh. I can't believe she's growing up so fast.

Jenny, a sweet friend in my ward, started up a Mommy & Me Preschool...
I know... she's a GENIUS!!! She's thought of everything from: field trips, detailed schedules of each day's events, learning itineraries, books, songs... like I said. ev. rie. thing. The following pics I've taken from her blog of the day's events:

"Mommy & Me" Preschoolers
Bailey, Sarah, Haven, Jacob, & Marissa
I love that they're all in nursery & preschool together.

Here's her cute daughter Sarah:
Happy little Haven
Sweet Bailey
Adorable Marissa
(she corrected me yesterday and told me it's pronounced:
"MO-rissa" Love it.)
Here's Jacob the little man of the group
Haven & Bailey enjoying Free Time

From Jenny's Blog:

The A says "a"
The A says "a"
Every letter makes a sound
The A says "a"

Our number of the day was zero. I think they got the concept of "0" down pretty well. We worked on tracing our names. I'm going out on a limb here, but I predict by the end of the year they will ALL be able to write their names. We did a couple of pages out of our preschool workbooks.

For snack, we had apples and crackers.
FACT: Musicians use both of sides of their brain more frequently that the average person.
This is going to be a FUN YEAR!