Saturday, August 9, 2008


I forgot to include this picture that Kylan took of all our 
Harley boys who although were depleted in number this year 
still look like a pretty intimidating bunch... or not. :)
(I love that none of them even know, or care, this is being taken.)
Annual Harley Ride 2008
The guys that went this year were: my father-in-law Jim, 
brother-in-law Jim, Jeff, (Steve was missed), Greg, Gary Knight, 
Jason and Jared Knight, Tom, Tommy, Doug, and Chris Grover 
and their bro-in-law Jeff, Mark Shady, and Ken and Kylan Lundeen.
(they normally have 20+ bikes but the Jensen's went hardcore to Sturgis,
and Randy, Aaron and Tony Knight were unable to come.)