Saturday, August 2, 2008


David, Stacey, Greg, me, Haven, Kira & Preston
Here's the story of 3 macho boys that decided
they were going to push a HUGE boulder into the water...
because they were tough, and thought the three of them together could do it.
(even though they had no shoes and were burning their feet all-the-while.) 
So they swam to the side, and hiked up to it.
They pushed and they pushed... but to no avail.
They then decided that they would try a smaller
boulder... but try as they may... it just wouldn't budge.
(Their feet were pretty fried by this time.)
So with blistered feet, they finally settled on the realization that they would 
have to push a tiny rock into the water... and what do you know!?
And then celebrated their victory on their swim back to the boat.
The end.

Here's Me & Stace
 We had SOOO much fun
There are so many cool caves... next time
I really want to go just to explore.

When Greg was out surfing and wakeboarding
Haven couldn't get enough of Doritos... waving... and saying
"HI DADDA!!! HI!!!" Even she was proud.
Okay... so maybe we're juvenille but Stace and I had 
to continue our name leaving tradition.
This time it didn't say Shavonne & Stacey BFF...
but us and our hubby's initials... CUTE!
Cutest little bootie around...
she wouldn't take my cowboy hat off for the world

60% of the time... the boat put her to sleep EVERYTIME.
Girl time!
Asleep again...
Preston being Preston
Haven loved the water...
so much in fact she kept trying to drink it...
Just after Stacey's tube SUBMARINED!  
Greg and Preston... funny boys.
Beautiful Sunset
Haven almost died of excitement when we turned
on the T.V. and YO GABBA GABBA was on...
that's what I call divine intervention.