Monday, September 14, 2015

potty like a rock star

All you need buy are these 3 things: 

Fabric- I got my mine from here it's a durable duck cloth and was $10/yard.

Tension Rods- you can get them anywhere from Amazon, target to walmart.  They're spring tensioned so they'll fit to whatever width you're trying to cover, just be sure to measure your width and to get the right one as they come in size ranges. Since they're hardly visible I got the least expensive ones I could find. I think they were around $4 a piece.

Fray Check - this is the easiest way to ensure the edge of your fabric stay put and won't come apart over time.  Just follow the instructions on the bottle.

I measured the distance between the two walls added a half an inch on either side and hot glued both sides under so that it looked finished.  I then hot glued it to the top rod, figured out the placement for the bottom one and then hot glued that into place as well.  This by far has been the quickest, cheapest, and easiest room transformation.  The simple awning balance completely changed the look and added so much character to their little bathroom!  This can all be done in under 25 min and under $25 bucks!  Simple, affordable, and fun!  Can't wait to see how cute yours turns out!