Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here we are on our JUNGLE SAFARI expedition. {... and we were 96% sure that our tour guide was Ben Stein's twin brother b.t.w.}  
Drake's just got this pointing thing figured out... so here he is showing off how he can grunt as he points to things of interest :)

Haven couldn't help but wave at EVERY princess or Character we saw.  She also thought that every time they would wave to a crowd or blow a kiss that it was meant JUST for her... and you know what? She couldn't have been more right. :)

Random I know... but look look how awesome that is!  
Only Disney would have TILED CROWN MOLDING in their restroom.
Estoy enamorada.

Breakfast at The Crystal Palace
 Haven couldn't have been more excited, we had to remind her to eat.  Drake on the other hand, was like "Who are these clowns failing miserably at trying to distract me from my meal? This is the most food I've ever seen at one sitting... hey Eeyore make yourself useful and pass the bacon."
Proof that you're never too manly to pose with good 'ol Winnie the Pooh.

Haven & Momma time on the Carrousel
Haven loved this 3D show.  She kept trying to touch things she thought were in front of her face.  It's so fun watching her experience life.  She is too much fun.
My cute in-laws, still holding hands while Papa Updike led the way with the light up sword.
Drake was enamored with Minnie, and Haven was so excited that her and Minnie Mouse had the same ears!  I think Haven didn't really like the silent treatment the characters would give her when she'd try to carry on a conversation with them, while Drake is a man of few words.  He apparently thought Minnie's Silence was Golden.  Lucky for us, aunt Heather had this sweet gig already planned out so that the kids got a more one on one meet & greet with the characters.  They felt SO special.  Minnie spent so much time with Drake while he was content just trying to figure her out.  He couldn't get enough of her nose.  Thanks Heather!
While DROPPING on the Tower of Terror.  
The look on Gracey, Megan, & Landon's faces: priceless.
I can't believe how brave they all were! & I couldn't help but notice how "like father, like son" Greg and his dad are. As even while introducing their intestines to their throats while dropping, they still could't resist the urge to see the faces on the little riders next to them.  THIS WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN!

We took this at the Polynesian Resort in front of the coolest Maori looking carving.  Greg especially loves all these things that are reminiscent of his Tongan-Speaking Mission in New Zealand.  We can't wait to go there someday.
Beau's little face looks just like a Cherub in this pic.  I've got some cute lil' nieces and nephews.
Haven wanted to hug Mickey because... 
"I'm dressed like Minnie and He's Mickey Mom!!!"

THE most handsome man I've EVER laid eyes on.
I lost big time.  Good thing I'm a hilariously uncompetitive loser.  HA!
We stayed for the extended hours so we went on this like 5 times.  
Haven was in Heaven.
Freakiest sit down and relax ride ever.  It started out great and informative showing how household inventions have  reshaped the way we live our lives today.  This is one ride you don't want to get stuck on.  Take it from us, 'cause we did.  Second ONLY to hanging over the edge of the stratosphere, this is one ride you don't want to be practically alone on during a malfunction.   THOSE AREN'T PEOPLE... take a close look at your screen, they're creepy human looking robots that we had to watch malfunction for almost an hour.  It's called the Carousel of Progress... more like the Carousel of Hello.

Leaving our cabins at Fort Wilderness.  
Haven loved that she got to go on golf cart rides everyday. 

Drake's first Dumbo Ride... I don't think he realized he ever left the ground.  He was too into playing with the joy stick to see what it was actually doing.  Such a boy.  Love him!
These DRUMSTICKS are HUGE... but by our 80th bite and only having eaten less than a quarter of them, we were done.  I'm not sure if it was the tendons protruding and almost poking our eyes out or Steve's use of the word "fleshy" to describe what we were all eating but yes...  nearly eight barely eaten Turkey Legs were thrown into the trash.  Sick.
Haven LOVED Pirates of the Caribbean.  Seriously.  
If it were up to her we probably would have just laid down and slept on it for the night.
Haven's Favorite Rides
1. Teacups.  Shocker.  What little girl doesn't love that ride?
2. Haunted Mansion... huh?  This one really was a shocker!  She's 3!  She kept telling me that they were "funny Ghost-es" and she LOVED the part where you face the mirror and it looks like one's hitching a ride with you... FUNNY GIRL.  Always full of surprises this one.
3. Pirates of the Caribbean.
4. (She said these ones so fast.  Her new thing is talking as fast as she can and gasping in between words.)  "The Carrousel... and Peter Pan's Flight (gasp) with "TINKERBELL!" and the Small World one... (gasp) and the Winnie the Pooh one, he's cute!"
Haven, Gracey & Daddy enjoying Tea Time!

They were such troopers!
Landon, Uncle Steve, Daddy & Drake.
They loved the Parade of Lights.  

I love that when Disney does something, they go all out.  Even nighttime was so magical.  It was even more magical than I remembered.  I don't know if it's because I'm able to really take it all in now, or that I'm able to see everything through two little sets of fresh eyes for a new perspective on things.  Either way it was a wonderfully memorable trip, and we feel so lucky that we were able to have such great company along the way.  Love you guys!   Oh, and DISNEY WORLD WE LOVE YOU too!