Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

Just a leisure ride on the cruisin' tube.
Surprisingly... Haven LOVED it!
Here's my cute little Mama, me, Haven,
and Vanessa, my cousin Garrett's awesome wifie.
Oh I just love our family's memorable trips 
across the lake to see the fireworks... they're priceless.  
Scary, but priceless.
She was infatuated with the water...
The sunset was so gorgeous.
Here's Haven & my cousin Matt's cute little boy Gavin.
She LOVED the "WA-WA!!!"
She was out so fast... and I was loving it because
she NEVER falls asleep on me anymore...
so I was enjoying our little Mommy-Daughter Time.
Boat Ride = Nap Time for Haven. 
She loves it... I love it!
Her favorite spot on the boat was on his lap.
My dad's still got it... GO FAL!

Just laid back...
She did NOT want ANYONE but herself
steering the boat.  It was hilarious.  
She kept pushing my dad's hand away like... 
"OH NO YOU DIDN'T!  I'M driving this thing!"
It's so funny to see how she gets all giddy when
the wind gets in her face. Check her out.