Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who Needs A Wreathin To Craft?

Apparently I did... 'cause after searching for cute patriotic wreaths and coming up short I decided to make my own.  I wanted something for my double doors so that it would read as an American flag stretched across both wreaths... and I found nada.  How is it that none of the fabulous crafters of etsy or Pinterest haven't come up with something?!  I mean c'mon it meant I actually had to think up something on my own, which was probably a good brain exercise since I love and use both of those websites a tad excessively I'm pretty sure my brain has lost nearly all activity. ;)  I also like the look of horizontal stripes so it would look like an actual flag... but the only wreaths I could find all had the sunburst pattern which seemed overdone and a dime a dozen to me.  No offense to anyone, just my opinion.  So this was my solution to make a patriotic floral wreath duo that actually looks like an American flag.  I'm sure there are cheaper ways than using hydrangeas like I did, though Michael's IS having a big floral sale right now. ;)  Since it's kinda different I wanted to keep it semi traditional by using silks, I'm sure the tshirt/fabric scrap or paper/tissue methods could work too.  I went and got the cheapest wreath forms michaels had, which were the plastic wrapped hay ones.  I think they were $4.  Hobby lobby was closed or else I totally would've gone there as their wreath stuff is way cheaper.  I think it's $4 for styrofoam ones whereas Michael's are $8.  Again just guesstimates but when I'm a woman on a mission I like to strike while the iron's hot and the idea is fresh in my mind. ;) So Michael's it was. I just used chintzy white fabric cut into strips to wrap around my cheap-o hay wreaths so they still look fab from inside my house.  Then wielded my hot glue gun like Butch Cassidy in a stick up.  And there you have it!    Lmk if you have any questions!  

It was a laughy, crafty, icedreamy day!