Friday, August 19, 2011

Haven's Housewarming & 4th Birthday Party

Back-blogged from February 1st.

Haven and I made these starting with a blank canvas literally... then we modge-podged on scrapbook paper to make them look like little houses, and then added on the pom-pom fringe to make them more fun, playful, and forgiving to falls than a frame would. :)  We both love Modge Podge, it's totally kid friendly - while they think they're painting we know it'll dry clear.  LOVE this stuff.

she plays in it both day...
and night.

I love that kids LOVE teeny little places to play.
Isn't it funny how my kids could have a huge room to play in but yet I always find these two playing on the side of a couch, in a little nook that they've made, or inside the cabinets.  Yes, INSIDE of them.  They are too funny.  I think they like the security of having these teeny little areas all to themselves.  


When Daddy came home that night...  

he brought Haven her very own flowers.  She was ecstatic!
Then we had birthday dinner at Carrabba's and finished off with a John Cole Dessert.  It was a sweet ending to a very fun day.  
If only she could just stay 4... 4ever. :)

We made these little thank you's so that her friends literally had to "raise the roof" to read her note inside.  She loved them so much, that she had a hard time parting with them to send them to her friends. :)