Monday, November 17, 2014

give thanks, get gobblin'

Want to feel young again?  Go doorbell ditching.  You know you want to... and if you don't, I bet you know some kids who do.  Here my husband and I thought we were going to leave the deliveries to the kids as we supervised from the car.  Little did we anticipate that within minutes Greg and I would turn stealth-mode with our little accomplices as he became our getaway driver while we dropped, dashed and scampered into the car before they got the door.  Few things in life can match the thrill of racing away as you surprise your neighbors with an unexpected treat... all while they're left wondering who door bell ditched the sweet sentiment.   It's the perfect family home evening or FRIENDly activity.  Guaranteed to not only bring your family & friends closer but leaving your neighborhood feeling the love as well.  Happiness is contagious!  Start a fun tradition that will make someone's day and you'll find it made yours brighter along the way!  
I caught the gobblin bug from a delivery made across the country to my sister in South Carolina who sent me a picture of what they received and told me how well it was received by their kids... then we got gobbled ourselves and it made my kids day!!!  I figured something like this was too fun not to keep going so I came up with these simple printables on Rhonna Farrar's app and used some of Over The Big Moon's ideas here to create them!
Deliveries can be as simple, decadent or as personal as you'd like them to be!  Depending on your what your budget or time allows, you can leave a baked goodie, friendly turkey hands, or just the printable note to make their day and let them know they're thought of!
The following image has been formatted and is ready to print on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock or paper.  Be sure to print off one extra per person that you'll be gobbling so they can have one to make a copy of so they can keep the greatful gobblin going!

Discalimer: if you do know us on a personal level and recieved something that looked like the aforephoto'd goodies... it is merely conincidental and we plead the fifth on making said deliveries.