Sunday, January 25, 2009

Introducing Our Newest Addition...

Our littlest favorites in the world.

"We love our Haven... oh yes we do... 
we love our Haven and we'll be true...
when she's not near us... we're blue...
 Oh Haven we love you!"
I caught her singing this song to herself last week... 
it was one of the highlights.  Hearing her sing the song, that we sing to her, helped me to know that she feels loved.  I've had so many people tell me that with their second kids they worried that they might not be able to love them as much as they loved their first... I never have felt that way.  I guess carrying my babies has prepared me for the flood of emotions from the moment I see the + sign or feel the first kick.  I've loved him for what seems like an eternity.  I just know that my only concern was that Haven didn't feel any less loved when her brother got home.  I've since decided that: 
Love doesn't get diluted with each child... 
it    e x p a n d s.
The look on his face in this one is PRICELESS... it's like a flashforward to the awkward "5th grade kisses mommy kisses" that he'll reluctantly give me. I swear he's thinking... "C'mon mom... are you kidding me???"
We're still getting used to the idea that we have TWO!
She is so sweet with him... so that definately makes things easier :)

Love him!
A few captured "Haven and Daddy-moments"

We're so anxious to see what color his eyes will be!
My precious "little man"
Drake's Tootsies... so happy he got Daddy's! :)
Haven is so cute with him... better than I even hoped she would be.
To increase our odds of getting at least a few good pics we had 2 cameras snapping away.  
Loving somebody... who's so little... so much.
My mom caught so many great photos of us.  I was surprised that so many turned out between our make-shift "photo studio" and Haven's lack of interest in taking photos.  So you can chalk these photos up to my mom's sweet photography skills and Greg's creativity in getting her to smile.  

This picture captured a moment of speaking without words.  
(And it was probably for the best that none were exchanged... as this was the last picture that was taken... and for good reason.  Haven and Drake were very much DONE with the pictur-taking-scene despite our best efforts at being patient with our almost-2-year old's tantrums and our little man's vigorous attempts at fleeing the scene.  It was chaotic... but I love that all Greg and I have to do is just exchange a look to have one of our moments when we just get each other.  Despite the lack of sleep and the transitional adjustments... I have never been happier.  Drake has somehow filled a void I never knew existed... I love him so much.