Friday, April 3, 2020

Egged - TP'd - Loved | Quarantine Friendly Easter Drop Offs!

Have you been wanting to make someone smile?  Like physically smile, and not because of something seen from a screen? Well if so, this post is for you.  Let's be honest, it's hard to make someone smile and not be happier yourself.  We're all missing each other, and having some sort of human to human interaction, even if it is from a safe distance.  Let's call it what it is.  This is such a weird time.  A beautiful, chaotic, weird, and dare I say, a little eerie time... with how empty store shelves are on posts I've seen, and how silent roads are now.  Have you been like us and looking for a socially acceptable but physical way to reach out?  Yes, technology has its' place (and also assisted in the making of these printables), but there's something about having physical human connection that we all inherently yearn for.  So get your printer fired up!  You're about to make some fortunate friend's day by spreading some sunshine their way!
Every Spring we do Easter Drop offs, and this year for some reason I bought everything before Spring break and even had all the eggs filled before we even left on vacation.  What?  Weird I know.  My kids were like "No Mom we canNOT deliver them before St. Patrick's day... that would be awkward."   Ha!  Well lucky for them we didn't... and lucky for our recipients, as we made these drop offs and purchased all the stuff for them, before things got to where they are now.  Hallelujah that these things are all still available for curbside pick up!  The only thing you need though are the eggs, if you don't already have some!  48 for $3!  Such a score especially while they still have them, as every year by the time I usually go they're sold out.  So strike while the iron's hot on those EGGciting finds friends!  If you're interested in the extra's click on the items for the links below:
to simplify you can use fresh or faux flowers that you already have 
Another option are these cute ones Target has:
Or I got mine from Michaels who also offers curb side pickup too!
You can also fill your eggs with candy or use small seed's adorable idea of filling them with significant things representing Christ's resurrection and the events that led up to it.  Get their resurrection egg ideas here and the printable for them here.
Love this beautiful home artwork by Amber Eldredge!
You can get yours too right here
She is inspired and has such a heaven sent gift.
Doing "drop offs" is one of our favorite pastimes, 
and even when they're not meant to be doorbell ditched... 
the kids always insist on that being their M.O.
Who can blame them?  Ah to be a kid!
Luckily all of our friends get us, and (hopefully🤞🏻) love us,
 and now more than ever probably don't mind
that we're MIA by the time they get to the door. 😉👌🏻Ha!
Here it is all splayed out!  When delivered, everything was placed inside the basket minus the eggs as they were hidden around their yard.  I used the TP as a vase for the flowers, and tucked it and the printables right inside the basket with it.  Some people didn't get baskets cause we ran out but it still looked cute simply displayed on their porch sitting the toilet paper atop printables.  Yes, the toilet paper is wrapped in tissue paper to keep it fresh.  For the video on how to wrap it check out my Instagram or Facebook posts.  Here or here.  In AZ we've had dry weather but if you have some moisture in the forecast pop it in a large ziplock or wrap cellophane around it and top with a bow!  That would be adorable!  Just don’t forget to tape the “Egged TP’d Loved” and the ”read this first” printables on top of it all or to their door opening so that they’ll see it first thing.  
To to recap, just so we're clear, be sure to print out the disclaimer.  If people follow directions there will be no spread germs, and we will obviously not assume liability for any germs spread so please print that out. This whole quarantine sitch is a polarizing one with some, so it's better to err on the side of caution.  To each their own, and we all agree that we want everyone to be healthy, happy and safe.   We love you all.  Happy Easter and have fun scattering sunshine!

Get Your Printables Here:
4. Family Name Tags (optional)
For this last printable; one page is purposely upside down as it's been formatted to perfectly print in alignment so that you can print double sided.  Because of this cardstock is not necessary, though it does make it look nice.  Whether from a phone or computer make sure your double sided print option is on for this one.  To print - tap on the three dots on the top right then - select export - then print.  💗

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