Sunday, January 5, 2014

pin board GAME PLAN

So... I was asked to decorate the pin board for our church's primary.  Yikes.  I guess there's a first time for everything right?  In fact I completely forgot that I needed to do this until I was walking down the isles of Michael's getting stuff for my daughter's poster board project for school a couple days ago, and realized two birds one store.  We got what we both needed there.  I'm all about as few stops as possible.  

Just to be clear.  The following is the mission at hand: Decorate a decade old, thoroughly loved and used pin board.  That's on the wall.  In the hallway at church.  It should obviously be geared toward littles.  Littles whose hands are going to be tempted touch and POKE and pull. Poke being the operative word as ordinarily everything on a pin board should be held up with pins but the mere thought of kids around tacks and I get flashbacks of stepping on one.  That combined with the visual of Marv from Home Alone walking up the tar laden stairs only to have a nail sink into his vulnerable gangly foot.  Yowza.  Needless to say the pins were replaced by excessively large amounts of hot glue.  With kids you never can be too careful folks. Ha. I still give it a week before we have a mishap. Haaaa. And I wouldnt have it any other way.  I love curious little hands and minds.  At least this way I won't be afraid of any of my primary littles cutting themselves... as *fear not my motherly friends* there was no glass in the making of this mirrory vignette. 

Here's what the package looked like at Michael's.  I would've taken more photos to put together a more legit tutorial but I didn't realize people would like it so much they'd want instructions.  I'm beyond flattered.  Albeit NOT so much that I'll beg to be the Ward's official pin boardista.  There are far more talented people than me in that department.  Our board was a tough act to follow!

I've had some people ask where I got the gold dots... my sister and I have a little vinyl business so I just cut my own and would be happy to do the same for you.  Just send me an email and I can get some to you!   UPDATE!  Target sells them for next to nothing near all their wall art on an end cap!  Check them out!  I'd love to see pics of how cute you make your bulletins look!  Thanks for all love and supportive comments friends!  Happy new year!