Friday, January 21, 2011

Had Ourselves A Merry Little Christmas

... and took a lot of pictures. :)

SO true.  So cute.  
Samantha's officially our family mascot. :)

Drake is obsessed with everything Polar Express.  The book, DVD, "choo choo trey-ns," and the Geo Trax Train set Nana got him for Christmas.  He loves it ALL.

 Drake's sole mission all weekend was to be sitting 
right where he is in these pictures.  I've never seen him more at peace 
with his little world.  He already loves his "man-toys."

All Drake wanted to do all weekend long was ride a snow-mobile. 

 Uncle Jeff took my boys sledding.  Drake LOVED it.
Last week while we were eating at Jordan's we had the cutest older lady keep telling us how fascinated she was that Drake knew how to use my iphone better than she would.  She was so complimentary of our kids and kept commenting on how cute she thought Haven and Drake were.  It wasn't until after her boyfriend gave Haven around in his motorized wheelchair, that we learned that she was Rose Mofford!  Me, being the California-native that I am... with little knowledge of AZ's political history, had to google her... but yeah.  She's kind of a big deal... being Arizona's first female Secretary of State and first female and 18th Governor of Arizona.  Pretty cool.

 Greg and I had lots of help making this life-sized Frosty.

 Tom and Karen's
 I love my cute boys.
Girl Time
 My Blue-Eyed Boy
My Brown-Eyed Girl