Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year - New You - Swimsuit Giveaway!

Sun happens.  While it's amazing, brilliant, and glorious it also brings truth to the statement that too much of a good thing isn't always best.  Which can become rather worrisome seeing as our daughter is allergic to commercial sunscreens and breaks out in rashes and hives that can last for weeks from a single use.  Sunscreens are supposed to be safe right?  Unfortunately in most cases those chemical laden bottles touting to be "all natural" wander far from the truth.  Have you ever seen what it does to women's painted or acrylic nails, or to the elastic in swim suits or rubberbands?  Yikes.  I'm no rocket scientist but judging by how quickly it degrades sound substances I'd rather not slather our bodies' largest organ with it, literally forcing it into our pores and bloodstream in mere seconds.  Nah.  There's got to be a better way and along the way, as many of you our friends and family know we've been trying to bring another little into our family for years... and have such met with countless doctors almost everywhere... spending thousands of hours and dollars learning about health.   Along this journey we have been warned of the danger of the ingredients in typical sunscreens and have since tried dozens of different brands of sunscreens which can't seem to stand up to the tried and true method of physically blocking out sun rather than relying on chemicals to limit exposure.  Living in one of the sunniest places on Earth we realized we needed to try and find another solution.

After many unsuccessful internet searches and returning from multiple shopping trips empty handed when trying to find long sleeved SPF rashguards... not to mention easy to take on and off via the zipper,  with timelessly adorable styles... matching bottoms and cover ups?!  ... I was instantly smitten when I saw these on Sharktank.  Which is the only show we ever watch, when we can find the time, as the kids enjoy watching it along side us.  We love trying to guess who will get deals, shaking our heads at how uncongenial "Mr Wonderful" can be, and clapping for those with amazing ideas and inventions.  Needless to say when I saw this adorable mom and skin cancer survivor Betsy Johnson introduce her line of protective swimwear called SwimZip I fell head over sunny heels in love with it all.  So what are the odds that not knowing any of this that she would've wanted to team up with us?!  I don't know how the stars aligned just right but I'm so glad they did, as it's now giving two of our friends the opportunity to try these amazing creations for themselves! 

They make adorably protective swimwear for women, children, and men and are currently updating their looks for this coming season!  Be sure and check out their cuteness at, follow @swimzip and @shavonneupdike on Instagram, and tag a friend(s) who you think may like to try them out for your & their chance to win any suit combo or item from their site!  Two winners will be selected at random and will be announced on our Instagram account tonight... at Midnight!  I promise I'll keep my narcoleptic self awake till then!  Ha!  Here's to a New Year!  A New You!  And A New Suit for you or someone you love!  Share goodness friends!  Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's E-W-F-I-A! No L cause L's are EW!

Elfia obviously knew how much our littles loved Jimmy Fallon's EW! episode when he had Taylor Swift as a guest... 'Cause they were so excited to see Elfia dressed as SARA!  Hopefully yours will be too!  
The following pic is formatted to print on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper...and yes in the spirit of Christmas Elfia even turned Taylor Swift's pegicorn into a reindeer.

Merry Christmas friends! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Haven's Bedroom Makeover

We are so excited to officially announce that Haven's Bedroom is finally finished!  It went live on Mom's Best Network's Website last week so we're posting it on here for our family and friends to see!  You can view the original giveaway posting here and the official reveal here.
It's been a labor of love and a great excuse for a lot of family time working in one room together!   Plus working with the specified products included in the giveaway almost felt like a reenactment of the TV show Chopped... but with a home edition twist, as we had the 8 items to work with and got to make them our own.  I also learned that my husband Greg has mad carpentry skills as he built the a couple things I dreamt and sloppily sketched up (ie. the Monogram Abacus and Jumbo Peg Board Shelf).  I'm so proud of him!  That boy never ceases to amaze me with what he can do in the zero free time he has.

Haven wants to be a teacher when she grows up so we anchored the theme around that combined with the midcentury modern bed from Newport Cottages here.
We put together this spin on a modern reading chaise lounge and posted a tutorial here.
We hired Jeremy Marks with Absolute Flooring to come in and do a wide planked natural hardwood floor to accent the rug, bed, and accessories.  They did an amazing job as always.  I love how the tones in the floor warm up her room.

 Jumbo Peg Board Shelf Wall Art - yeah babe!

 Taking a celebratory soar over her floor!  She's one happy girl!

  LOVE this nod to a vintage alarm clock by Edifier that is iPod compatible you can view it here
Going modern I wanted keep the window treatment and art as simple as possible while also framing the window.  2 of the prizes won were an ampersand from Junk Art Gypsyz and four wood letters from Sweet Grace Art.  So to keep things simple I thought it would be fun to combine the theme, marquee lights and letters.  Thankfully we were lucky enough to be able to have the vendors make them to the exact specifications so we could combine them into one whole fixture on our own.  So the center 5 letters (LIGHT) were made by Junk Art Gypsyz and the letters by Sweet Grace Art we just cut wood to match and then painted and attached the letters.  
The window treatment itself I felt just had to be the epitome of mid modern with none other than a simple roller shade with a touch of black and white pom pom fringe for a pop of girlie flair.  We also had our favorite handy man Jim Ash make a simple custom wood cornice to hide the components.

Who loves her new room?  
 It's a good thing she LOVES reading... she just wrote out her Christmas list and guess what she asked for?  Chapter books!  I'm like seriously?!  Happy mom right here!  Love this little book worm!
 We are also the biggest fans of this amazing Beckwith FAN by Fanimation.  You can view it here.
It has all the bells and whistles including a remote and seriously turns a lot of air despite its size and sleek look.  
While looking straight at the window I love that the stripes almost read as a valance up top and panels with the lined books... in a FUNky way, as they frame the window.

 This fun first lessons in penmanship enlargement and vintage hangers were a gift from a good friend Teresa Anderson.  You can view her adorable blog here.

 We got the lockers from Sandusky though after shipping and handling you can probably get a better deal at PotteryBarn Kids especially being Cyber Monday!  With their 20% off today.  SCORE!

I wanted the wall to be triangled, textured, and monochromatic so I came up with this idea... and although it's not perfect... we love it!  So if anyone's interested I'd be happy to explain how or post a tutorial on how we did it. I won't however volunteer to ever do it again. :) Just lmk if you're adventurous and would like a DIY in the comments below.

 We scored these vintage school desks that we had painted and turned into night stands.  We found them at a Treasure Trove in Scottsdale.
 I was emailed the file for the map from The Rusted Arrow, which I had enlarged and attached to a simple roller shade from Ikea to achieve the pull down map look that is so nostalgic of my elementary school days.  I bought the yellow felt garland from the blushing fig.

 We were mailed the three lower prints on sheets of paper which I mod lodged onto pieces of wood that I cut to size and also drew an arrow to complete a square vignette to complete the bathroom space.

We're also loving the Triangle Toilet Paper Holder... with TP this plentiful it makes refilling new rolls a breeze!
 Had to add the fun awning to keep the bathroom from yawning.
She absolutely loves her lockers and so do we!  As digging through drawers isn't exactly Haven's favorite thing to do... now she can see where all of her shirts are without digging!  Fingers crossed that she keeps it this organized!  Three weeks and counting.  YAAAAAY!  Happy Mom moment!

A heartfelt thank you to ALL of you who made this possible by voting for our Haven to win!   Especially Mom's Best Network for hosting such a fabulous giveaway.  

Here are the links to where we got everything!

Items included in the giveaway:
5. Jagges Yellow Striped Capel Rug Available at Layla Grayce
6. Marqee Letters from Junk Art Gypsyz

All other items used in the room space:
Retro Industrial Light/Fan -
Vintage iPhone/iPod compatible Alarm Clock -
H Monogram Abacus -
White polkadot sheets -
Retro Rccollershade –
Pom-Pom tasseled fringe –
Mid Mod chair –
Hanging Cups (on Pegs) -
Jumbo Peg Shelf Wall Art -
Pencil Sharpener-
Test tube Desksessory holder –
Modern washi tape holder –
Scrabble pieces –
Polkadot stapler –
Modern wood tape dispenser –
Children’s cash register/calculator –
Felt Ball Garland –
Bulletin Bar – Cork –
Map Rail ClipChalk Eraser – Melissa & Doug
Chalk bucket –
Roller Shade (holding map) –
Gold and white scratch off globe was
Chalkboard Globe -
“Dreams Don’t Work unless you do” Art –
Arrow Jewelry Holder –
Bathroom Essentials Containers –
Triangle Towel –
Personalized Polkadot Bath Towels –
“Think Happy Be Happy” Art Work –
you are loved + arrow print – skoop home +
Black and White Stripe Canopy –
CLOSET-Wooden Arrow -
Shoe locker –
Pendant light in closet – (polkadots added by
“Lessons in Penmanship” Art Work and Vintage Hangers –
Adhesive Chalkboard Strips –
Black and White Stripe Paper - (Used to cover books and wallpaper the upper return on bay window)
White wire book baskets x 10 -