Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Wanna' Grow Old With You

I can't believe it's our 6th Anniversary.


the trip you planned... cancelled.

because our son's the busiest boy ever...

and is a force no one but us should reckon with.

Added to the fact that we're all home with fierce colds.

There's no one else I'd rather be sniffling 
on the couch with than you and our
little besties Haven and Drake.  

grow old with me
the best is yet to be.

You are: my best friend,  my baby daddy,  my partner-in-crime,  my hard worker,  my Suns fanatic,  my Christmas light putter-upper,  my anti-shopper,  my travel agent,  my football coach,  my rock,  my pillow,  my soothing voice,  my chocolate,  my heater-box,  my light house,  my priesthood holder,  my only exception,  my biggest fan,  my best frienemy,  my mountain man,  my suuuped up trucker,  my comic relief,   my home,  my everything.  
 Happy 6th Anniversary to my sweet viejo verde.  No one else could look this hot with a bald comb over.  No one.

Bestest Friend.  



Love you.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great Geezer Gala

 PRIZE for winning the Costume Contest... complete with Hot Tamales relabeled as "Hot Fogies." Jeff & Heather WON! Their costumes were awesome... walker and all! (Thanks Beau. :)
 My first attempt at making a tiered cake.
 High-Heeled Cake Cutter

 To eliminate awkward glances while in our elderly attire we had the banquet room all to ourselves. Whew! :)

 Valerie's Chair - Complete with a Lighted Menu Magnifier, Hot Flash Extinguisher, Candle Douser, and a Necklace of (Elderly) Necessities.
 The Geezer Group... before the Nielsens arrived.
 Jeff & Heather
Best Costume Winners! No surprise there. Aren't their oufits legit?! Who knew a couple of Geriatrics could be this hot? :)
 Jim & Sarah
Tell me they don't look AWESOME!!! Cane... glasses... Bolo Tie... and the most festive vests ever created. :) You two rocked it.
 Steve & Jaclyn
So in love... so adorable.
If I were to describe her, I'd say she's Gwen Stefani's 
prettier sister with Jackie O.'s style.  We all just love her.
 Ken & Elise
They added a some "elderly touches" with Ken sporting a classic plaid shirt and Elise donning a vintage-length necklace.
 Mark & Kay
Mark rolled in wearing a classic Hawaiian print shirt while Kay's afgan & cane were the envy of the party.
 Alan & Julie
Alan played the part of a decrepit old man clutching his crutch and Julie looked fabulous in her gray scarf.
 Greg and Shavonne
 Terri made quite an entrance hobbling in on her cane! She is too cute.
 One word: awesome.

 It was our first time meeting Alan's wife, Julie, for most of us. She is darling.
 Dave & Terri
I love her nylons with open-toed sandals and cane. Seriously legit. :) To quote Dave, "I don't need a costume." These two are so much fun.
 I seriously think she was in shock... literal shock for the first 30 seconds.
 then she was flabbergasted...
 and finally elated to see her family and closest loved ones there.
 I didn't know that Valerie and Terri were roomates in college at BYU and Valerie played one very successful matchmaker for her nephew Dave. (Imagine having a nephew that's three years older than you, pretty crazy! :)
 Greg's Parents: Jim & Valerie
 So cute!

 Chocolate Is Good Medicine!
The Party Favors were weekly pill organizers filled with little pink & black chocolates.
 Our servers possessed some serious skills.
 Good Times!
 Birthday Girl
 Greg put together a slideshow that was the most random hilarious group of pictures I've ever seen.  I can't even begin to describe it.  Just know that it was funny, and that it was the hardest I've seen anyone there laugh.  Ever.  It was the highlight of my night actually. :)  Greg never ceases to make me laugh... even when I'd rather him not.   
 Mark & Kay

We had a blast with ALL of you.  Thanks for making it such a special night for Valerie.  It was sure a memorable one for us.  Love you all.