Friday, September 12, 2008


The caption in the picture above pretty much sums up the AWKWARD experience.  What made the day for me though was learning that instead of being due at the end of January... we're due JANUARY 16th now!  This totally solidified my suspicions of being further along than I thought... I've heard that you feel the second baby much sooner than the first because you "know what you're feeling the second time around."  (But... when I was getting "sucker-punch kicks" at 11 weeks... I knew something was off.  -There's a little plug for all you Wipe-Out fans.)

Camp Fire Memories

Greg decided to show us all how to recreate the Sobe Bombs he and Logan would make when going to the "dunes" when they were kids... 
1. Sobe Bottle - CHECK
2. Fire - CHECK
3.Gas - CHECK
4. Sand...  um...
(not quite but Greg figured the dirt & ashes would suffice.)
As you can see by the wonderful frame by frame action Mikki created, here's how it went down.  Greg makes bomb... it sounds as if something was happening... nothing appeared to be happening... guys decide to throw rocks to further the explosion along... they miss... continue to miss... and then BOOM they hit it.  Check them out.  It is so funny to see how each one reacted differently... Greg was apparently getting his dose of feeling invincible as well as flashbacks of his youth while Ben seemed to be getting a few flashbacks of his own... from time in Iraq perhaps... while Kolter looks like this was his greatest feat since he shot his last deer.  
I guess you had to be there... but it truly was hilarious... freezing... scary... and hilarious.
That's a tree... or a bush... I'm not sure which exactly but we lit the whole thing on fire.  
Whatever it was though made the biggest hottest fire.  Ever.

Here's the Bosch Family:
Sorry Celeste but this is the only one I had of you guys.  Besides you know you love being photographed after being force-fed a huge bite of graham cracker.  And Andrew who apparently got downwind from the campfire by the look on his face... this is a classic camp fire photo.
So is this one... 
Haven rarely falls asleep on me anymore so we just had to catch this sleeping-action.
We took this just before we left for the campfire outing.  Greg had just gotten back from Costco and brought home some of their yummy pizza which Haven decided she wanted to eat.  In a box.  Funny girl.
Here's Haven wanting to help Kolter out with the Dutch Oven desserts.
with her blankie and bottle in-tow.
We were bummed that this was one of 2 SHORT trips to the "wilderness" this Summer...
and by the weather change is looks as though it was our last.  We never actually "camped" which was a first for Greg and I since we've been married.  All of our free weekends were either at Powell or the cabin this Summer, so we can't complain.  We always have next Summer to catch up...