Thursday, September 11, 2008

If She Wasn't So Cute...

If she wasn't so cute... I would have been SO MAD.  She's never allowed herself to eat Oatmeal... and the first time she did she FELL IN LOVE and right into the bowl apparently. Haven has always been a "texture baby" meaning if she didn't like the texture which if course is anything that isn't crunchy... she WON'T EAT IT. It will either be down the front of her clothes 'cause she'll just spit it out or it will have been chucked somewhere lovely just waiting for you to find what she should have eaten.  So after having already cleaned up this display of loving affection toward her Oatmeal... I'm as happy as ever because it now means she'll eat it when I make it... which is pretty often seeing as I've been craving it so much during this pregnancy.  I eat it for breakfast and lunch. :)  Sure beats having to make two meals now!

-Note To Self: Getting Oatmeal out of hair requires a little faith and A LOT OF PATIENCE.