Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

I am not a super-hero-movie-watcher.  I'm just not a fan, sorry.  However, thanks to my husband I FEEL as though I've have seen every trailer & read every review made about this movie.  He's been excited about this since before the idea for this movie was even conceived, I swear :)  So, naturally, my expectations were UP, and after seeing it I wasn't let down.  I do think it was DARK... and a few scenes could have been shortened... particularly the one when two-face has the cops' son... yeah... that scene could have been shortened by about TEN MINUTES and that time could have been used to better explain how 2 face dude went from being a hero to a villain in 3 seconds flat... sorry to ruin the surprise but I didn't think there was enough explanation there.  It's probably because I'm not a big "comic book reader" so I'm just not "in the know" with Batman history or lingo, but whatev.  It was a great movie.  

The acting was like nothing I've ever seen.  Heath Ledger did a really good job at being such a psycho that while you're busy detesting his guts, he strangely draws you in with his comic relief at the same time as to make you want to understand what drives his character.  Not that his character was bipolar, (although he obviously had some serious issues) but the Joker, to me, was a bottle filled with combustible oil and water.  A combination that I had never before seen mixed; as his character was filled with satire & humor and yet an underlying evil seditiousness.  I bet a psychologist would have a HAY-DAY with him... even I tried to understand his motives throughout the movie... okay... I'm lame, but I bet if you haven't seen it you'll do the same.  I say see it... the reviews, for the first time in history, are dead-on.