Friday, October 31, 2008

Hospitalized Halloween

Journal Moment:
The day ended on a better note than it had began... in the hospital... in AZ.  Fun stuff.  Here are Greg and I after a fun overnight stay with the lovely hospital accommodations... 10 Terbutaline shots... 6 bags of random antibiotics... 2 steroid shots (to beef up little man's lungs)... my RH- shot & a few others that I still have no clue what they were for... a zillion bags of saline solution... needless to say I was a puffy marshmallow of a pin cushion (with bruises for weeks from the IVs on both arms...)  I swear I'm pregnant with the next Jack Bauer... who apparently thinks he's too tough for this whole "utero" stage of life as he's trying to make his debut WAY too early.  I was with my mother and sister-in-law when I kept having pain but didn't want to be dramatic so I just tried to ignore the pain that would take my breath away and was killing my back.  We were out on a busy "errand" running day... and I didn't think it was labor pains because I was only 27 weeks along.  They subsided and then came back FOR REAL the next day when I was driving with Haven, thankfully I was able to drive to the hospital where my mother and sister-in-law's amazing doctor was able to see me.  I realized it was something more serious when I couldn't stand or sit and it was getting to be pretty unbearable.  (Having a Bicornuate uterus makes my labor pains a little different than most apparently, as the pains I was describing as lower back pain that shot forward along the right side of my stomach, which is the side I've carried both babies on now due to my "functified" uterus were mistaken for something else.   I guess to ere on the side of caution this description of my pain led to an ultrasound of my kidneys and other precautionary measures to treat a kidney infection... as opposed to them seeing labor signs.)  Soon after Haven and I were wheeled to the hospital my mom and mother-in-law were able to be there with me and to help take care of Haven.  Now if I could just be guaranteed that I'll be able to have them BOTH here for the REAL LABOR that would be amazing.  It took a MILLION shots of Terbutaline to stop the contractions & pain.  I've since been switched to Nifedipine which works a lot better with way fewer side effects, as the Terb. didn't really work for me.  Due to my one-sided pregnancies and the fact that I was only 27 weeks along they also didn't think I was having as hard of contractions as I was because my "whole stomach wasn't tightening" with each contraction... hmmm... probably because my uterus is only blown up on one side... just a thought :)  After being discharged we headed straight over to Jeff & Heather's where we met the rest of Greg's family.  We had so much fun and it was pretty much the "hot-spot" on the block because Jim & Sarah, Jeff & Heather, Grammy & Papa Updike, Jared & Reb and a  couple other friends of theirs all brought they candy they would have given out at their own houses... so basically by hitting the Updike's house... they really hit the trick-or-treating JACKPOT as it was a 6 in 1er.  (+ the fact that all of my mother-in-law's candies are the FULL SIZED candy... there were some happy little kids that night.)  It was so fun to see all the kids dressed up.  Here's a picture of Haven & Papa Updike on the golf cart giving all the kids a ride.
Here's Jameson, Haven, Gracey & Cassie.  
We've got some beautiful nieces and nephews... they're all so fun.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The sign on the chair says it all.

We spent Greg's birthday (in what felt like subzero temperatures) at Cornbelly's Corn Maze.  
Weeeeeee.  They went down the slide twice and she just kept saying, "Again?  Again!?  AGAIN!!"
It was so cold that pumpkin picking from the car didn't sound so bad.
We finished the night off right at Carrabbas!  MMmmmm!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Greg's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Greg...
This is one of Haven's favorite things in the world:
a golf cart ride with Sam, Grammy, & Papa Updike!
Her other favorite: snuggle time with Papa.
I bought a Carmel Apple kit at Crate and Barrel, brought it over to Summer & Phil's, and as I had hoped it was a huge hit with the kids!
Here's cute lil' Madison (showing us what appears to be a piece of toffee that fell off of her carmel apple.)
Haven just eating it up.  She loves apples.  (Appo's)

Here's beautiful little Brooklyn.
Studly little Boston.  
Here's Paris with a classic caramel filled grin!  I love this picture.  

Carmel-Apple-Making-Day at Summer's Continued...

Here's a couple pics I stole from Summer's Blog to complete our Carmel-Apple-Making Memories.
They turned out to be oh so golden delicious. Ha!  I'm lame.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Walk to Remember

"When the sun shines... we shine together
told you I'll be here forever..."
"... said I'll always be your friend,
took an oath, I'm gunna' stick it out 'till the end..."
"... now that it's raining more than ever,
know that we still have each other.
You can stand under my umbrella."

Greg and I had been so excited to continue our tradition of driving the Alpine loop as the leaves are turning.  We figured that it probably wouldn't be too busy being conference weekend and a rainy one at that.  We were wrong.  Greg was so adorable he had the car packed with 2 umbrellas and a cooler filled with some ammo for Haven, and for himself as well :)  My brother Blake was able to drive up with us before he had to go to work and was able to snap some shots of us.  (So next time you talk to him... tell him what a great photographer he is :)  

It was pouring rain but we bundled up and went for a walk.  It was SO much fun.  The smells and sights were unbelievable.  Utah is such a beautiful place.  We're so lucky to have this within a 25 minute drive from where we live.  We were in heaven just taking it all in.
Just to give you an idea of the gorgeous scenery I took the following 3 pictures from the same spot just turning around.  Breathtaking.  Pictures just didn't do the view justice.

The rain brought the most gorgeous mountain-hugging clouds.
Here's me and our little Mr. Man.
She LOVED her Baby Bjorn front pack.  
We haven't used it in forever, 
so we were unsure of how she'd feel about it... 
I think it's safe to say she loved every minute of being in it
 because it just meant one long perma-hug from Daddy.  
A classic photo at arms' length taken on our walk in the rain.
My favorite
Driving the loop
Her face in this one is too priceless.
Thanks for lending your skills Brock.
So much more fun than being stuck inside on a day like this... 
who'd have thought?  You rock Greg.  You definately made this 
Our Walk To Remember

Our Proclamation To The World

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snowy OCTOBER Weekend

Friday Night we met Blake and Sky at Pizza Factory...
(& Haven was determined to have her very own slice.)
She is in love with pizza.
Pizza which she refers to as "Peppa-onie!!!"
(Don't even put a pizza box near her... she knows what's inside.  Even the smell of it sends her into Peppa-oni tantrums... don't ask... she did NOT get that from me.)
Saturday morning Greg had a Flag Football game at the church, which is about a 30 second drive away, (one of the many perks of living in Utah...) so Haven and I went to watch from the comfort of the car as it was SNOWING outside while they were playing.
It's so cute to watch her as she watches Greg at a sport.  It's like he's a celebrity to her and when it's all over and he comes to give her a hug WATCH OUT - she gets so excited that HER daddy is coming to give her love.  As far as she knows he's Peyton Manning.
She's his biggest fan... well behind me of course :)
It takes her a minute for me to grasp that Daddy's out there playing... but once she spots him she keeps pointing out that it's "DADDA!"  "In Gey Shight" (In grey shirt... in case you were wondering.)  "Run... fast!!!"  She has to point out all the details.  
She has an infatuation with smelling things... apparently she's already taking a liking to leather as she took a whif and said what she always says when she smells anything with a scent (good or bad) "MELS GOOD!!!" as she nods her head in approval with her own conclusion.  She is so funny.  
Okay... so maybe a little "sacreligioso" but I thought this was a beautiful picture with all these manly men playing football in the snow bowing their heads in reverence after their game... not to mention the beautiful scenery behind them.  Cute.
This is what we woke up to Sunday morning before church... let me remind you that the date was October 12th.  BRRRR!  (Too bad we haven't seen much snow since...)