Sunday, August 10, 2008

A peek into our Colorado week...

I have to admit that I was scared.  Scared to drive the 350
miles to the cabin in Colorado- just Haven and me.  Alone.  Not cool.
Luckily she was just short of a halo over her head and did
pretty darn good.  Unfortunately she only slept probably an hour total.
Amazingly though we only stopped once in Moab.  (I'm kind of
hard core when I'm driving... I just wanted to get there and 
thankfully Haven and her diapers were up for the challenge.)
  So these pictures mark the beginning 
of our week in Colorado:
As you can see... she LOVES hats...
playing with her cousins...
and making me laugh.
I have some of the most gorgeous nephews... ever.
-The Buzz in Honeyville-
Here's Haven, Lexi, Bryson & Landon checking out
 the indoor, glass-walled beehive.
LOVING time on the lawn mower and ANY and ALL attention 
she could steal from Papa Updike.  She would seriously BAWL
if he even thought about doing anything without her in the equation.
Getting kisses from Daddy before his ride.
Sorry... I just really like this one. :)
Daddy Updike MADE them wear helmets this year... much to their dismay.
I say FINALLY!  Figh-NUH-LEE!  I've been waiting for it to finally hit them
before the asphalt does.  I'm proud of our boys.  I know it was hard.
Haven & Grammy
(who she calls "Dah-mee" & has missed so much since we left...)
She LOVED this little bridge... we couldn't get her off of it.
She thought it was a "weeeee" which in Haven terms means a slide.
Heather was surrounded by her beautiful pouty faced kids
who were so distraught when Jeff left on the ride.
Grammy and Haven having one of their cute little moments
Haven loved playing with all the boys...
 and their Tonka toys...
and throwing the ball.  Who'da thought?
She loved playing with them all so much... she didn't care if it was raining.
Between the fun company of her cousins... the "weeee" bridge... and the boys
toys... she was in heaven.  Rain or shine she wanted to be outside.
Here she is with her beloved daisy headband that she calls her "HAT!"
Yes... the same hat that she had to wear the ENTIRE drive from
California to Utah with my parents while we were on our cruise.
Whatever makes her happy.