Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Dolphin Adventure

This seriously makes TOP 5 COOLEST EXPERIENCES
of my life thus far.
Pretty AMAZING...
"What if I get stuck with the Jeffrey Dahmer of 
dolfins and he drags me under?  Pretty embarrassing
to be at the gates and I have to say, 'Flipper killed me'."
Oh yeah... we were haulin'... on dolphins...

Keep Cruisin'...

Handsome Updike boys... trying to be tough.
Apparently they wanted to be like Hercules
or whoever that is behind them, (one week
of Disney indoctrination and I'm still not sure.)
"Brotherly Love" 
- Does anyone else remember that show? Ha!
My hot husband... LOVE HIM!
There was a VERY DETAILED crucifix  
when you first walked in the cathedral, and our 
nieces were too scared to go in because they
said they "didn't like to see Jesus like that."
I just love to hear the way they view things.
Once we got over the scene in the entrance, 
we were able to enjoy the beautiful architecture, 
and some sweet stained glass windows...
Some GORGEOUS cathedral.
Here's Lexi, Gracey (& her cute little wave), and I
Here we are with our ship: The Disney Magic.  
Our cute family...
(minus the babies who stayed home)
We all had so much fun.