Saturday, July 12, 2008

We're officially... NASCAR!

Just so we're all on the same page...
when we say NASCAR we're really using it as a
synonym for "white-trash."  Then when we speak,
we sound a LITTLE more politically correct.
(Not that anyone would probably be offended that
we're calling our own Caucasian selves...
the filth of our own race. :)
So here we are in all of our NASCAR GLORY!
(& in case you couldn't tell Kolter won the contest
that night by-the-way...)

Greg got us tickets to this Nascar-ish race thing
because Knight was a sponsor and had extras.
Don't ask me WHY they sponsored some race track... 
in Magna, UT... but they did, so we went... 
and had SO MUCH FUN!

Here's Greg with Kolter and his hat.
Boys being boys.
Here's a glorified boy being a boy... 
on fire no less... he went that way the entire race,
and won.  (You know he'd dreamt of that since he was 5.)

Us girls being girls...
and then trying to be NASCAR...
and succeeding.  

Here's all of us that went:
Logan, Greg and I...
Kolter & Lindsey
Ben & Mikki
We all piled into my car thanks to high gas prices, 
wanting a more memorable ride, and Mikki & Ben taking one
for the team by ridin' high and scrunched up in the back seat 
that couldn't have been intentionally made for anyone over 10.
At the races we laughed SOOO hard my stomach hurt,
& I guess the cars were cool too. :)  HA!