Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So I was told 3 days before while on our little "Nascar" date that it was decided that I was going to be in charge of mutual... and it was the years' water activity.  YAY!  No pressure or anything... it's just the ONE time a YEAR they get to do this.  Thanks to all the ideas from the rest of the presidency, we weren't lacking any inspiration... just the tools necessary to complete the activities.  Lucky for me... EVERY Walmart, Target, & Kmart in Utah and Salt Lake Counties no longer had any kiddie pools... go figure... hmmm.  80 million kids in Utah... super hot weather...
(like anyone here would actually build a REAL pool...) and while we're being honest... I can't seem to think of a better time for all the stores who carry them to run out than in June... before the heat hits... way to think it through... but whatev, I'm over it if they are.  Thanks to resourceful little Tiercy and some Kmart in B.F.E. Utah that Greg was so kind to drive ALL the way to so we could have what turned out to be a home plate.  (Since it was too shoddy to actually be the "cool" water spraying pool it was supposed to be... but hey it
worked as a sweet slippin' slide of a home plate.) So we played a mean game of water-lovin' baseball. The balls were really the water soaked spheres we've all come to enjoy every summer.
Here's Marilla showing everyone how to "get 'er done."
They stopped their balloon fight just long
enough for me to take this picture.
Fun with Tiercy & Kelly
No - I'm not some college football coach...
Yes - I did have a huge freezing bucket of water
dumped over my head unexpectedly.  Thanks Kaylee.
This picture makes me smile... I LOVE IT!
The girls Limbo-ed...
While I sprayed the water for them to go under.
Lexi had no idea what was coming...
Some sweet slides into home:
Paige was all about it...
and Maddy got some sweet air.
Ashton was waiting at first base...
and for anyone who struck out.
I think the girls had fun because I brought
food... I should probably stop :)  I guess because
I'm always hungry, I assume everyone else is too.
We leaders had fun because we have the 
most fun group of girls... ever.  LOVE THEM!