Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweet Stache

Few things in my life are sweeter than this Whipped Cream Mustache-Goatee Combo.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sound Asleep

Haven fell asleep while listening to me play the piano... and Drake is also napping. SERENITY. It's not that I'm a she-toven or anything ('cause let's be honest I'm only playing from my rusty memory)... she's just had a rough day, which has included several tantrums during and after our playday here with a few friends. I love that despite her sassy demeanour today, she still put a blanket under her feet so they wouldn't "be on the couch." Haaa. She's so selectively obedient. :) Love her.

Needless to say, I'm enjoying my piano... now that we finally moved it here with us and while I have 2 minutes that they're both actually sleeping. Added to the fact that I just "discovered something," as Haven would say, that my Middle pedal - The "sostenuto" one that basically makes the piano much more quiet can be pushed down and to the side for perma-shushing abilities which is perfect during nap time. Embarrassing, but I've never noticed that before... nor has it ever been more been more useful. Shhhweeeet!

Oh the simple joy of getting to spend some long over due play time with my piano. It's been an eternity, and it shows. :) So peace out, I'm going to play softly until they wake up. Cross your fingers that I get at least 10 minutes in. :) Ha.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Drake Escape... and Cupcake Raid.

Drake made household history yesterday.
 He broke out of his jail-like crib for the first time. Ever.
CRAZY, that it's taken my buff little man this long I know.
WEIRD, that he actually loves sleeping in his crib.
...and LUCKY that he does... or did.

I think he had extra motivation for escaping since his cousins Madison and Seattle had slept in Haven's room and were up early and apparently having a blast without him. He's always our early riser... even though Haven's usually out long past the time her preschool's start time at 9. They are total opposites it's hilarious.

Haven's just like Daddy and is a night owl, while Drake and I are up-with-the sun. (Though the luxury of sleeping in 'til 7 is warmly welcomed. :)

Well my masculine little man is obsessed with one of the most feminine desserts of all time: cupcakes. Random, right? He is always carrying these plastic ones around on a plate and pretending to feed us. He's an aspiring bakery server apparently.

So this morning I awoke not to him screaming "MOMMA...OUT!" from upstairs like normal. Oh no... I woke up to something sweeter... (I had hoped he had forgotten in the wee hours, as I obviously had, that he was able to escape) as I opened my eyes to my little server bringing me breakfast in bed, though not offering his usual plastic pastries but two actual cupcakes that Haven, Olivia and I made last night. 

I rubbed my eyes and saw him standing right next to me both sticky hands outstretched, with a cupcake in each hand, one for me and one for Daddy. Luckily, there were only two "cupcake casualties" in his early morning jail-broken sugar binge so I still have enough to bring to our luncheon. Today might just have been the happiest morning of Drake's little life. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Such a FUN night!

We had such a fun night that began over our friend's the Quintana's... it entailed very delicious food... slow cooked smoked chicken and pulled pork. Yeah... and everything else amazing. We then went to the Pioneer Classic Charity Event at Wigwam Country Club and had even more deliciousness. Needless to say we're very full... and had a blast. We're so lucky to have enjoyed such great company with Adrienne & Phil, Jacy & John, and UDL buddies: Mark and Chris, Alison & Josh, Bill & McKenzie. I even learned how to play BlackJack at the Pioneer Classic... and NO gambling or money was involved. :) -WINNING!!!!- It was just for fun, and I even became friends with the cute little dealer lady named Lin. She was totally telling me what to do... as Mark and Greg were explaining the odds and reasoning behind it all. It's definitely a good thing I don't gamble... but it's a shame that Greg doesn't. J/K He would have made it rain hunzo's of IMAGINARY moolah. Hahahaaaaa. :)  It was a hilariously fun night!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Haven's Housewarming & 4th Birthday Party

Back-blogged from February 1st.

Haven and I made these starting with a blank canvas literally... then we modge-podged on scrapbook paper to make them look like little houses, and then added on the pom-pom fringe to make them more fun, playful, and forgiving to falls than a frame would. :)  We both love Modge Podge, it's totally kid friendly - while they think they're painting we know it'll dry clear.  LOVE this stuff.

she plays in it both day...
and night.

I love that kids LOVE teeny little places to play.
Isn't it funny how my kids could have a huge room to play in but yet I always find these two playing on the side of a couch, in a little nook that they've made, or inside the cabinets.  Yes, INSIDE of them.  They are too funny.  I think they like the security of having these teeny little areas all to themselves.  


When Daddy came home that night...  

he brought Haven her very own flowers.  She was ecstatic!
Then we had birthday dinner at Carrabba's and finished off with a John Cole Dessert.  It was a sweet ending to a very fun day.  
If only she could just stay 4... 4ever. :)

We made these little thank you's so that her friends literally had to "raise the roof" to read her note inside.  She loved them so much, that she had a hard time parting with them to send them to her friends. :)