Sunday, July 27, 2008


My cute chef of a husband, Greg has officially won my stomach after today.  When he told me yesterday that HE needed to go to the grocery store to get the stuff for today I was like "wwwwHAT the?" (Not that he doesn't cook, 'cause he makes some mean German Pancakes that I, being the pregnant woman I am, crave on a daily basis :)  So I was very interested as to what he was going to make, and I pried it out of him that he had found a recipe.  SCUUUUUUUURRRRR!!!  Stop!!  MY husband?!  Found a recipe?  Greg found a recipe.  He normally calls his mom to get her awesome classics (cute, huh?)... but HE actually found one... which meant he thought enough to LOOK for one.  I'm sorry if this sounds corny... but that's CUTE!  So here I am, just minutes after downing my "umpteenth" serving of the wonderful dish...  

"And it's made with bits of real (chicken)... SO YOU KNOW IT'S GOOD"  
-Name the movie!
-10 cool points if you can answer that.

Here's some random photos I googled that give you the idea... :)



4 chicken breasts (frozen or thawed)
1 16 oz. jar of salsa
1 can of Black Beans (P.S. I hate beans... but LOVED this... go figure.)
1 can of Drained Corn
8 oz pkg. Cream Cheese

Put chicken in crock pot and season with whatever you wish, Greg used Chalula seasoning and a little Chalula sauce.  (Which I'm normally out with... but the end result was... ooooh so amazing.) Then pour salsa, beans and corn in and let it sit on low for 3 & 1/2 hours before you add the cream cheese, let simmer for 1/2 hour mas, shred the chicken and then VIOLA!  Simple.  Easy.  DELISH!!!  This would be amazing over rice, though we ate it with our favorite tortillas from Costco that you cook yourself, and it would even make a great dip.  It's super versatile.  

All I know is this: my husband is THE MOST AMAZING MAN ALIVE to have known I would flip for this... he knows me so well, and I'm almost embarrassed to say that I had fourths.  What?  :)  It was that good.  It is a MUST try... c'mon you know you have all the stuff in your pantry... and no offense Greg, but it's next to impossible to mess up a crock pot dish, ya know?
If you try it, which you simply must, you have to let me know what you think!

Friday, July 25, 2008


So in case you have a life and haven't noticed... I'm a little behind on how our Summer's been, so I've been "Back-blogging..." feel free to scroll down and you'll see that I'm not a posting slacker... I'm just trying to get caught up... ugh.  I'm thinking tomorrow I'll upload the pictures from Powell... I know you've been waiting for this Stace... "life jacket diapers"... and all.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

I am not a super-hero-movie-watcher.  I'm just not a fan, sorry.  However, thanks to my husband I FEEL as though I've have seen every trailer & read every review made about this movie.  He's been excited about this since before the idea for this movie was even conceived, I swear :)  So, naturally, my expectations were UP, and after seeing it I wasn't let down.  I do think it was DARK... and a few scenes could have been shortened... particularly the one when two-face has the cops' son... yeah... that scene could have been shortened by about TEN MINUTES and that time could have been used to better explain how 2 face dude went from being a hero to a villain in 3 seconds flat... sorry to ruin the surprise but I didn't think there was enough explanation there.  It's probably because I'm not a big "comic book reader" so I'm just not "in the know" with Batman history or lingo, but whatev.  It was a great movie.  

The acting was like nothing I've ever seen.  Heath Ledger did a really good job at being such a psycho that while you're busy detesting his guts, he strangely draws you in with his comic relief at the same time as to make you want to understand what drives his character.  Not that his character was bipolar, (although he obviously had some serious issues) but the Joker, to me, was a bottle filled with combustible oil and water.  A combination that I had never before seen mixed; as his character was filled with satire & humor and yet an underlying evil seditiousness.  I bet a psychologist would have a HAY-DAY with him... even I tried to understand his motives throughout the movie... okay... I'm lame, but I bet if you haven't seen it you'll do the same.  I say see it... the reviews, for the first time in history, are dead-on.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So I was told 3 days before while on our little "Nascar" date that it was decided that I was going to be in charge of mutual... and it was the years' water activity.  YAY!  No pressure or anything... it's just the ONE time a YEAR they get to do this.  Thanks to all the ideas from the rest of the presidency, we weren't lacking any inspiration... just the tools necessary to complete the activities.  Lucky for me... EVERY Walmart, Target, & Kmart in Utah and Salt Lake Counties no longer had any kiddie pools... go figure... hmmm.  80 million kids in Utah... super hot weather...
(like anyone here would actually build a REAL pool...) and while we're being honest... I can't seem to think of a better time for all the stores who carry them to run out than in June... before the heat hits... way to think it through... but whatev, I'm over it if they are.  Thanks to resourceful little Tiercy and some Kmart in B.F.E. Utah that Greg was so kind to drive ALL the way to so we could have what turned out to be a home plate.  (Since it was too shoddy to actually be the "cool" water spraying pool it was supposed to be... but hey it
worked as a sweet slippin' slide of a home plate.) So we played a mean game of water-lovin' baseball. The balls were really the water soaked spheres we've all come to enjoy every summer.
Here's Marilla showing everyone how to "get 'er done."
They stopped their balloon fight just long
enough for me to take this picture.
Fun with Tiercy & Kelly
No - I'm not some college football coach...
Yes - I did have a huge freezing bucket of water
dumped over my head unexpectedly.  Thanks Kaylee.
This picture makes me smile... I LOVE IT!
The girls Limbo-ed...
While I sprayed the water for them to go under.
Lexi had no idea what was coming...
Some sweet slides into home:
Paige was all about it...
and Maddy got some sweet air.
Ashton was waiting at first base...
and for anyone who struck out.
I think the girls had fun because I brought
food... I should probably stop :)  I guess because
I'm always hungry, I assume everyone else is too.
We leaders had fun because we have the 
most fun group of girls... ever.  LOVE THEM!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We're officially... NASCAR!

Just so we're all on the same page...
when we say NASCAR we're really using it as a
synonym for "white-trash."  Then when we speak,
we sound a LITTLE more politically correct.
(Not that anyone would probably be offended that
we're calling our own Caucasian selves...
the filth of our own race. :)
So here we are in all of our NASCAR GLORY!
(& in case you couldn't tell Kolter won the contest
that night by-the-way...)

Greg got us tickets to this Nascar-ish race thing
because Knight was a sponsor and had extras.
Don't ask me WHY they sponsored some race track... 
in Magna, UT... but they did, so we went... 
and had SO MUCH FUN!

Here's Greg with Kolter and his hat.
Boys being boys.
Here's a glorified boy being a boy... 
on fire no less... he went that way the entire race,
and won.  (You know he'd dreamt of that since he was 5.)

Us girls being girls...
and then trying to be NASCAR...
and succeeding.  

Here's all of us that went:
Logan, Greg and I...
Kolter & Lindsey
Ben & Mikki
We all piled into my car thanks to high gas prices, 
wanting a more memorable ride, and Mikki & Ben taking one
for the team by ridin' high and scrunched up in the back seat 
that couldn't have been intentionally made for anyone over 10.
At the races we laughed SOOO hard my stomach hurt,
& I guess the cars were cool too. :)  HA!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Haven & Makenna

Friday night we were invited to crash the Eager's & Grimley's little camping pow wow at a sweet campsite in the hills behind our houses.  (Gotta' love where we live... there are perks to living in the boonies you know... :)  We just went and played games for a little bit while Haven couldn't get enough of Makenna and her little saucer.  Way to think ahead Mikki by bringing that saucer for a little "captured" fun time for Kenna... and letting Haven play in it too!  It was nice knowing where she was :)  I just had to grab this pic from your blog because (although Haven looks homeless...) it is so funny to see how these two look like they could be sisters.  It's cool, I've come to grips with the fact that she's a prototype of my husband in feminine form... and that she now resembles your daughter more than me as well.  Nice.  Ha!

God Bless the U.S.A.!!!

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

Just a leisure ride on the cruisin' tube.
Surprisingly... Haven LOVED it!
Here's my cute little Mama, me, Haven,
and Vanessa, my cousin Garrett's awesome wifie.
Oh I just love our family's memorable trips 
across the lake to see the fireworks... they're priceless.  
Scary, but priceless.
She was infatuated with the water...
The sunset was so gorgeous.
Here's Haven & my cousin Matt's cute little boy Gavin.
She LOVED the "WA-WA!!!"
She was out so fast... and I was loving it because
she NEVER falls asleep on me anymore...
so I was enjoying our little Mommy-Daughter Time.
Boat Ride = Nap Time for Haven. 
She loves it... I love it!
Her favorite spot on the boat was on his lap.
My dad's still got it... GO FAL!

Just laid back...
She did NOT want ANYONE but herself
steering the boat.  It was hilarious.  
She kept pushing my dad's hand away like... 
"OH NO YOU DIDN'T!  I'M driving this thing!"
It's so funny to see how she gets all giddy when
the wind gets in her face. Check her out.