Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Drake Escape... and Cupcake Raid.

Drake made household history yesterday.
 He broke out of his jail-like crib for the first time. Ever.
CRAZY, that it's taken my buff little man this long I know.
WEIRD, that he actually loves sleeping in his crib.
...and LUCKY that he does... or did.

I think he had extra motivation for escaping since his cousins Madison and Seattle had slept in Haven's room and were up early and apparently having a blast without him. He's always our early riser... even though Haven's usually out long past the time her preschool's start time at 9. They are total opposites it's hilarious.

Haven's just like Daddy and is a night owl, while Drake and I are up-with-the sun. (Though the luxury of sleeping in 'til 7 is warmly welcomed. :)

Well my masculine little man is obsessed with one of the most feminine desserts of all time: cupcakes. Random, right? He is always carrying these plastic ones around on a plate and pretending to feed us. He's an aspiring bakery server apparently.

So this morning I awoke not to him screaming "MOMMA...OUT!" from upstairs like normal. Oh no... I woke up to something sweeter... (I had hoped he had forgotten in the wee hours, as I obviously had, that he was able to escape) as I opened my eyes to my little server bringing me breakfast in bed, though not offering his usual plastic pastries but two actual cupcakes that Haven, Olivia and I made last night. 

I rubbed my eyes and saw him standing right next to me both sticky hands outstretched, with a cupcake in each hand, one for me and one for Daddy. Luckily, there were only two "cupcake casualties" in his early morning jail-broken sugar binge so I still have enough to bring to our luncheon. Today might just have been the happiest morning of Drake's little life. :)