Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Walk to Remember

"When the sun shines... we shine together
told you I'll be here forever..."
"... said I'll always be your friend,
took an oath, I'm gunna' stick it out 'till the end..."
"... now that it's raining more than ever,
know that we still have each other.
You can stand under my umbrella."

Greg and I had been so excited to continue our tradition of driving the Alpine loop as the leaves are turning.  We figured that it probably wouldn't be too busy being conference weekend and a rainy one at that.  We were wrong.  Greg was so adorable he had the car packed with 2 umbrellas and a cooler filled with some ammo for Haven, and for himself as well :)  My brother Blake was able to drive up with us before he had to go to work and was able to snap some shots of us.  (So next time you talk to him... tell him what a great photographer he is :)  

It was pouring rain but we bundled up and went for a walk.  It was SO much fun.  The smells and sights were unbelievable.  Utah is such a beautiful place.  We're so lucky to have this within a 25 minute drive from where we live.  We were in heaven just taking it all in.
Just to give you an idea of the gorgeous scenery I took the following 3 pictures from the same spot just turning around.  Breathtaking.  Pictures just didn't do the view justice.

The rain brought the most gorgeous mountain-hugging clouds.
Here's me and our little Mr. Man.
She LOVED her Baby Bjorn front pack.  
We haven't used it in forever, 
so we were unsure of how she'd feel about it... 
I think it's safe to say she loved every minute of being in it
 because it just meant one long perma-hug from Daddy.  
A classic photo at arms' length taken on our walk in the rain.
My favorite
Driving the loop
Her face in this one is too priceless.
Thanks for lending your skills Brock.
So much more fun than being stuck inside on a day like this... 
who'd have thought?  You rock Greg.  You definately made this 
Our Walk To Remember


Adria said...

Oh I am so jealous of where you live, it is so beautiful!! I wish we had fall like that here in Gilbert. You guys are such a gorgeous family.

Celeste said...

Great pictures!! You guys are so cute! We have got to make that a tradition. We haven't made that drive yet.

Sparks in the Desert said...

What beautiful pictures...and colors! We don't get those fun colors down here in St.George!

Monica&Kevin said...

Such beautiful pictures of your beautiful family!! You look great pregnant, WOW!

Lindsey said...

GORGEOUS pictures!! You guys are such a perfect little family!!

Elise said...

Hey! Just found out about your blog through Gentrey's! Those are amazing pictures of both the Alpine Loop and your family!

Teresa said...

what totally sweet pictures- and what a beautiful day and walk! makes me envious- You have a beautiful family.

cat.janer said...

I love this Marie Digby song! Good call. Cute pics, Shavonne. You rock my world.

Stacey said...

HI! can you say cute family!? like should be on the cover of LDS Living?!

Sandy said...

Those pictures are amazing! What an adorable little family you have!

Unknown said...

So you are pretty much THE. CUTEST. PERSON. ALIVE. Yep, that pretty much sums it up! Loving all of your fall pictures, your cute little belly, your gorgeously precious little Haven, your "Shavonne-A-Bon" rolls, your technologically creative scrapbooking, etc. And the list could go on FOREVER! SO jealous right now! lol Oh, and thanks for putting us up on your "Homies" list! Haha. Hope your fall is going amazing! Love ya!

Tony and Traci said...

Nice pictures. Glad to see that you guys are doing well.

Kristin said...

Hey guys! Shavonne, I'm so glad you left us a comment! I was wondering if you had a blog. Adorable pictures!! I can't believe how big Haven is. I'm bummed I missed seeing you guys when we went up last month. Next time for sure!

Camille Bennett said...

You are just the most adorable, creative, beautiful little Mama I know! I am constantly impressed by you! I LOVE your blog and am amazed (but not surprised) by the way you are able to make everything unique and beautiful! I love the Alpine Loop photos, recipes, and "scrapbook" pages... you're too cute. We need to get together... I think we are due a couple of weeks apart! I'm having a girl! =) Take care!

Jill said...

Hope everything is going well and that you're feeling good. Can't wait for an Updike update!