Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Speak Up...

... even if it's only in the privacy of a sheet covered booth. What an amazing time it is to be alive. To have been given the gift of agency. A gift so important that it literally caused the war in heaven. (Yes, as oxymoronic as it sounds.) So necessary that even our Heavenly Father must've cringed as he turned away 1/3 of his children to defend, honor and protect our gift of agency. We chose a path, other than Satan's, which entailed coercion and force. The path we chose was that of our elder brother Jesus Christ who provided a way for us to be free, he gave us the ultimate gift: the gift of agency. To decide of our own free will and choice which paths we will take in our lives.

Today marks one of the most important paths we may take as a nation. We don't have to be told by a monarchy or a King what we must do, or sit idly by as decisions are made for us. We have the agency to stand up, to cease to be idle, for we know that faith without works is dead. We must act and decide for ourselves what direction our country needs to go in order to get out of the rut we've been in for what seems like ages.

The constitution and the words of our founding fathers has been trampled on by people wanting to retranslate what was originally stated. No foundation has ever been fortified by taking chunks out and rearranging them or taking pieces out all together. Our country was founded by guided and inspired men who laid it's very foundation. It was not by chance that this nation came to be in His promised land. It was not by chance that our first president George Washington raised his arm to the square (and all that symbolizes), while resting his fingertips upon the words he chose in Genesis 49 which says, "Joseph is a fruitful bough, whose branches run over the wall…” it was not coincidence that on a different continent, at a different time, those exact words... that very same covenant and prophesy was also given by Lehi as he let go of everything he knew and moved his family to the promised land. That very same oath and covenant was also directly spoken of by Captain Moroni as he raised the Title of Liberty. Three separate times the oath and covenant were invoked by inspired men. It was not by chance that our nation's founder raised America's own Title of Liberty as he placed his hands upon those covenant words which date marked the day the constitution came into effect. He lived prior to the restoration of the gospel yet he was a man of faith, a man of conviction, a man of prayer, a man of action, a man of God. He was our standard bearer. I know that we also were not placed on this earth, in this country, at this time, to stand idly by and watch as decisions are made for us. No. We were born to make decisions. If we weren't, we wouldn't be here, for there would have been no war that preceded our births, which brought about the purpose of our existence. Something that was deemed so necessary that it was worth fighting for and thus caused the most peaceful place in existence to rumble with dissent. And it's purpose? To give us this right of agency. It is my hope that everyone I know, recognizes this gift, and chooses to utilize it.