Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Struggle Is Real

You are more than your failures just as I am more than my millions of FAILed moments, countless FAILed pregnancy tests, hundreds of FAILed unfinished projects and at least a dozen FAILed diets.  For those who assume I don't keep it real on social media... I would agree to disagree.  This is my backup memory, and as we all know memories are selective.  So why not be SELECTIVE on something so personal yet so public?  Oh I have documented my failures 😂 but that's not where my heart wants to stay.  Sad moments are often much harder to forget than than happy ones are to remember.  So as I remember selective bits and pieces I want to look back here and see a whole reel of highlights.  I believe there is wisdom in putting your best foot forward especially in front of the world.  I believe in seeking light, shining, and then rekindling that light in those around us.  You attract what you reflect and I choose brighter, sunnier, baby filled days that I hope are in our future.  So until then I'm going to try to pick up a mess behind my kids before I post a photo and wipe the food off our faces before we smile for one... At least most of the time. 😜  Not because I'm trying to be someone I'm not but because I'm trying to be who I feel I should be.  Call me old fashioned but I believe there is no greater title than that of womanhood, and 
  • I don't believe it suits us to put ourselves down in order to be likable or real. I
believe w
  • e are all stronger than the struggles we face, the comparisons we make, and standards we set for ourselves based on our society, circle of friends, or news feeds.  So next time a
friend posts a picture of the creative bento box meal, the amazing party she threw, or how put together her family is... remember that what took her hours you may have haphazardly thrown together in two minutes.  Neither of your accomplishments are better or worse than the other's, they're just different.  Beautifully different.  Neither is a rose prettier than a tulip.  If blooming next to one another I doubt either flower would compare itself to the other, they would just bloom right where they are, as unique as they are, in the space they were given.  Those who spend time on things that we wouldn't don't have more time than we do, it just means they prioritize their time and show their love differently.  We are all doing the best we can with what we have.  Join with me, @todaysthebestday & other real women as we acknowledge our need to stop conforming to society's pressures and celebrate our differences.  I appreciate and marvel at every post I see of yours.  May we choose optimism over comparison.  We are enough.  💛

Come uplift and inspire the women you know, the struggle is real, but we're all in this together.  Grab your printable below: