Friday, May 29, 2009

My 25th

From the moment I woke up on my birthday it was simply amazing.
Greg put both babies in bed with me when he left at five something that morning so that I wouldn't have to get out of bed when they cried.  Cute huh?  I had ALL morning to veg. before I got myself the kids ready to go to the zoo.  Unbeknownst to me, Greg had flown my mom out from California.  Greg surprised me, a nearly impossible feat between my family and friends who all knew... despite slip ups that were camouflaged beautifully :) and I luckily got to spend even more time with my mom than originally planned.  So here are some of our captured memories from my big day.

(To view video scroll to bottom and click on the link.)
What are the odds?

Greg even made a great friend.  He made the funniest voices for the giraffe.  I guess you just had to be there.  Mom and Sky can attest that was some classic material.  Greg should be the newest voice-over for animal planet.  HA!
Note to self: Don't trim nails when baby is awake.
I was more traumatized than he was... but still.  The horror.
Of ALL the animals and sweet rides she could have chosen... she walked around the ENTIRE carousel to choose this bench.  A BENCH!  What 2-year-old wants to sit on a Peacock bench?!  Apparently Haven did.  She demanded it despite my well-intended efforts.  Too bad, the zebra almost won out.

My beautiful momma and Haven.

No joke.  The most amazing cake of all timmmmmme.
Cake Batter Ice Cream with Waffle Cone Mix-In and a Chocolate Cake Bottom.  Holy Amazing.  Top that off with the desserts Carrabbas hooked it up with and I was one happy 25 year old rollie pollie.  He got me all my favs... including a stop at See's on our way to Carrabbas from the Zoo.  (W/ the gift card he won from Logan Trivia:)  Now that's love.  Greg knows me ALLLLLL too well.
We walked in to Carrabbas to find some family and great friends ready to get their grub on with us: my Mom, sister Sky, brother Blake, Jack & Amanda, Maren & Seth, Logan, Kolter & Lindsey and their little Hannah.  What a FUN and unexpected surprise.  
Thanks so much for making it you guys. 

(To view video scroll to bottom and click on the link.)
I cannot even begin to describe how much planning had to have gone into organizing my birthday "festivities".  Greg thought of it all.  It's not easy having mother's day and your wife's birthday in a 3 day succession but he executed it beautifully.  Mother's Day brought me breakfast in bed, the sweetest cards from him and "the kids" written by him... (and as always they were hilarious),  as well as a new cell phone that I was in dire need of.  To top it off a birthday filled with Carrabbas, See's, Maggie Moo's Cake... and the most unexpected and meaningful gift ever, private Ballroom Dance Lessons with our new-found friends (and next-door neighbors) Kenny & Monica and life-long friends Maren & Seth.  I have always enjoyed dancing... and for those of you that know Greg know... he doesn't dance.  Not only has Greg never danced but (let's be honest) he's questioned the testicular fortitude of those men who do, generally.  So stay tuned for more updates on how it goes.  I don't care if he trips over his, or my, feet the entire time, all I know is that this is going to be one of the most fun experiences of my life because I know this is the most selfless gift he could give me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my birthday the most memorable ever.  I love you!

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