Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snowy OCTOBER Weekend

Friday Night we met Blake and Sky at Pizza Factory...
(& Haven was determined to have her very own slice.)
She is in love with pizza.
Pizza which she refers to as "Peppa-onie!!!"
(Don't even put a pizza box near her... she knows what's inside.  Even the smell of it sends her into Peppa-oni tantrums... don't ask... she did NOT get that from me.)
Saturday morning Greg had a Flag Football game at the church, which is about a 30 second drive away, (one of the many perks of living in Utah...) so Haven and I went to watch from the comfort of the car as it was SNOWING outside while they were playing.
It's so cute to watch her as she watches Greg at a sport.  It's like he's a celebrity to her and when it's all over and he comes to give her a hug WATCH OUT - she gets so excited that HER daddy is coming to give her love.  As far as she knows he's Peyton Manning.
She's his biggest fan... well behind me of course :)
It takes her a minute for me to grasp that Daddy's out there playing... but once she spots him she keeps pointing out that it's "DADDA!"  "In Gey Shight" (In grey shirt... in case you were wondering.)  "Run... fast!!!"  She has to point out all the details.  
She has an infatuation with smelling things... apparently she's already taking a liking to leather as she took a whif and said what she always says when she smells anything with a scent (good or bad) "MELS GOOD!!!" as she nods her head in approval with her own conclusion.  She is so funny.  
Okay... so maybe a little "sacreligioso" but I thought this was a beautiful picture with all these manly men playing football in the snow bowing their heads in reverence after their game... not to mention the beautiful scenery behind them.  Cute.
This is what we woke up to Sunday morning before church... let me remind you that the date was October 12th.  BRRRR!  (Too bad we haven't seen much snow since...)