Monday, October 11, 2010

hey soul sisters

In case you're wondering where I've been and what I've been doing recently, I've been working on what you see below, (in-between Haven & Drake... and my nieces and nephews that I've gotten to spend time with recently).   Two months ago I got called to be our ward enrichment leader and have been brainstorming & planning our Fabulous Friday ever since.   (You know me and my love of creating things. :)  Luckily, I have a lot talented and crafty ward sisters who share this love and have done an amazing job of making the projects that were voted in. (I had a bunch of sisters vote so that the crafts offered would appeal to an even wider array of ladies... and not just crafts that we "assigned" to have made that day.)   *If any of you are in Arizona... we'd love to have you!
(Our ward blog is:

There's a reason it's called fabulous Friday.
We're crossing our fingers that you'll come and experience for yourself just what makes these Fridays so much FUN. There is an abundance of crafts in hopes that you'll find at least one that you would enjoy making with us! Whether you claim June Cleaver status, run for the hills at the sight of a needle, or just want to pretend to be a domestic diva for a night... we have a fun evening in store for you.  Want an excuse for a girls' night out?  PERFECT, so do we!  (Though... instead of the glitz & stilettos, think comfy clothes & slippers for this G.N.O.  Ahhh.  Sounds nice right?  :)  We also want to make this feasible for your schedule, so we've pushed it back until five thirty... and we'll be around for four hours. Don't have a sitter?Relax... knowing that free babysitting will be available. Worried that you don't have the supplies to make any of these? Fear not! We've got you covered, and will supply all materials for each of the crafts. As always, feel free to invite any friends or family to come for this special day. No awkwardness, just craftiness! It's always so much fun to see new faces and learn from other people and this is the perfect night to do so! We look forward to seeing you there!

Having trouble viewing items? Just click on any photo to enlarge.
Having difficulty trying to choose a project?  Keep in mind that you should ONLY choose to make as many crafts as you can realistically make in the 4 hours available to us.  Below each photo is an estimate of the time needed to complete each project, and does not take our girlie "chat-time" into account. :)
To sign up for these crafts you don't have to crouch over a table, squint at a grainy image of each project in a binder, feel pressured to sign up for a craft you'll never use, or worry about who to give a check to.
To simplify things,
all orders will be taken online.  In addition to seeing our displays that were set up, you are now able to view them at your leisure in the comfort of your own home.  

15 minutes
-Involves tying and gluing ribbon, applying vinyl, & inserting lights.

2+ hours
-Involves cutting multiple sized circles of fabric, layering & hot gluing them with brads to a wreath, and tying ribbon on top.  *If possible, please bring fabric scissors and a hot glue gun.

30 minutes
-Involves tying & gluing ribbon, applying vinyl, and inserting lights.

15-30 minutes
-Involves sewing either Ruffled Tushies or Little Man Ties onto pre-made Onesies.
*If possible, please bring a sewing machine & fabric scissors.

Baby Onesies

1-2 hours
-Involves tracing/cutting fabric & felt, adhering letters and simple sewing.
*If possible please bring sewing machine & fabric scissors.

2+ hours
-Involves cutting & sewing fabric, and painting lines & numbers.
*If possible please bring sewing machine & fabric scissors.

Fabric Option

5 + drying time + 20 minutes
-Involves painting board, (feel free to do another craft while waiting for it to dry), and then applying vinyl and affixing tiles.  Size is 18" X 7" with 1" inch depth so it can stand on it's own, if desired. 

Board Color

5 + drying time + 15 minutes
*Involves painting blocks, (feel free to do another craft while waiting for it to dry), and then "Modge Podging" on temples of photos.  Size is 5"X 5" with 3/4" depth, so they can stand on their own.

Another temple, if possible:

5 minutes + drying time + 1 hour
-Involves painting the board, (feel free to do another craft while waiting for it to dry), applying vinyl & hooks and then cutting, laminating and hole-punching the Chore Cards.

*F.Y.I. The photos below are the Chore Cards that are included in this project.  Although the title of this chart isn't "FAMILY HOME EVENING"  it does include cards that are designated to incorporate spirituality in our families' daily lives, (ie: "Help Initiate Family Scripture Study", "Help Plan Family Home Evening", & "Help Initiate Family Prayer.")  There are also cards for children of various ages.  We will not be able to make changes to the title of this project as Family Home Evening Charts have already been made at La Loma Ward's Super Saturdays in the past.  If you wish to purchase a different vinyl title for your chart you may do so from  Thank you for your understanding.  
To view a larger image of the Chore Cards simply click on the photo.  Rest assured, the cards given at Super Saturday will not have a line or printed on the bottom, this is simply an attempt to thwart off online image piracy.  :)

# of Names
Board Color
Names (in order):
Names (continued):


1+ hours
-Involves cutting and stapling ribbon, stamping letters and numbers, hole punching, and gluing paper/envelopes together.

15-45 minutes
-Involves bringing your own glassware to be etched or "chalkboarded."  Applying vinyl, then painting on etching or chalkboarding.  Super easy.

# of Items

Text & Item To Be Etched:
Text & Item (continued:)

# of Items

10-20 minutes
-Involves gluing paper to clear flattened marbles, and then adhering to a magnet.

Free Crafts

20-60 minutes
-Involves making adorably simple bracelets. :)

Free Crafts

*could vary between 20-75 minutes depending on necklace chosen.
-Jewelry making entails: fastening closures and beads to chains, and making fabric & silk flowers.  (If chosing a necklace with flowers; see below.)


5-25 minutes
-Involves making fabric or silk flowers, adding an embellishment at the center, and adhering to clips.
*If possible please bring your own Hot Glue Gun. :)

Flower Clips
Color Preferred (not guaranteed)

Payment Deadline is at midnight on Sunday, October 24th.

If you have any questions regarding a project or the ordering process don't hesitate to call me on my home or cell.  Look forward to seeing you there! -Shavonne Updike