Thursday, August 28, 2008


What do you need when you're blue?
I know CHOCOLATE works wonders for me, 
and my hopes are that the same will be true for my friend.  
That was my inspiration when I turned into a Martha Stewart-
 wannabe and decided to try and bake some desserts to at 
least try and cheer up my friend from the less-than-sunny-week
 she and her family have had.  There's only so much chocolate can do,
 so please just know that an adorable 2 year old is in need of your prayers.

Nutter Butter & Oreo Truffles

Nutter Butter & Oreo Cookie Truffles

1 bag Nutter Butter or Oreo Cookies 
8 oz. softened creme cheese
1 pkg Chocolate Bark for Nutter Butters or Almond Bark for Oreos
1 square of the opposite bark for drizzling

1. Mix ground Oreos and cream cheese until well combined. (I just put mine into my Kitchen Aid for 5 min on low while nuking the creme cheese.)  Roll into 1 inch balls and place onto baking sheet or tray.  Refrigerate overnight or until very firm.  (I say 1/2 an hour is sufficient.)
2. Melt chocolate according to package directions.  Using 2 little spoons, dip balls into chocolate and place onto parchment paper to harden.  Once dry, melt square of opposite bark and spoon into the corner of a Ziploc baggie.  Snip the corner of the baggie and drizzle the chocolate back and forth over the truffles.  Let dry.
3. This all sounds fine and dandy... seems easy enough right?  Wrong.  The only problem I ran into was my lovely little Smith's store didn't carry the "bark" or even any hardening chocolate coating except for in the produce section.  (I should have just stopped there... but vision of these chocolate truffles just wouldn't leave my pregnant chocolate-craving mind.) The milk chocolate one melted fine... but the white, not so well.  It was lumpy and nasty and wouldn't change consistency... I tried with two separate containers to no avail.  So... what you're seeing are really truffle-mishaps, but I just worked with what I had.  So I put the lumpy white chocolate on top of the Oreo spheres, and so they'd have a better consistency to bite into, I dipped the bottom of them into the chocolate.  So now you know why my recipe says one thing and my pictures are showing another... better luck with your white chocolate melting experience!  Let me know if you try these!  I'm bringing the leftovers to Powell... can't wait to see my family members faces when they taste these!  Greg & Blake are in love.
(This recipe made about 30 truffles.)


My sister Summer and I have been baking quite a bit
comparing recipes, methods AND madness on the phone. :)
So here's what mine turned out like Summer...
not so hot seeing as I don't have the KING sized
muffin tins like you... but after tasting them... I'm 
not about to complain.  Now it's your turn... POST 'EM BABY!