Thursday, December 4, 2008

4 Years Ago Today...

Greg and I were married.
Some days it feels like just yesterday we walked out of the temple doors expecting to feel... "different."  We didn't.  Still don't.  I guess marriage is more of what you make of it than what it makes of you.  In these past four years I have come to realize that I've really lucked out.  Despite what the media and stereotypes would have you believe, being married makes me feel limitless not limited.  I feel like I can do so much more because of him and with him.  I love that amidst life's chaos, I know I always have his arms to run into.  He understand me and the longer we're together it seems the less we have to say because we just get each other.  He gives me butterflies. Yeah... still.  In fact, I get them more now that I ever did when I was dating anyone... even Greg.  He knows me better than I know myself.  He knows how to surprise me, he knows what my dreams are, he finishes my sentences, laughs at my lame jokes, gives me amazing massages... yeah, really.  He understands that he married the messiest eater ever and even helps me clean my pregnant stomach off... I swear this pregnant belly is a landing pad for anything that comes near my mouth.  He makes me feel hotter in this post-baby body than I ever felt before I even thought about having Haven or this little man on the way.  He does dishes, and LOVES to vacuum.  Honestly.  He leaves the toilet seat down... always.  (Growing up with 2 brothers there were many-a-nights I got booty dunked when I didn't realize they'd left it up... not anymore!  Their wives can have fun with that one...)  He loves spoiling me with things (that are sometimes really meant for himself) but I love that about him... except for the Harry Potter Quintillogy set... (sorry babe, still don't know how you rationalized that one. :)  The gameboy with the Tetris... (although you've played it more than me... was thoughtful... and now you just try to steal my phone I play it on now.)  Just a side note... the other night in the hospital was priceless... when we both waited for the doctor for an hour playing on our phones and you begging to play my Tetris.  I caved... after all you were there for me... that's cute.  So basically we're nerds, who fight over playing Tetris.  I even love that about us.  (Just wait till we get a game when we can play against each other though babe... I'm gunna' rock your world.)  I love that you go to all the doctor's appointments that you can during my pregnancies and how well you (& my mom) have been taking care of my prego mug while I've been on Bed Arrest.  You've been so awesome.  Sorry your son in here keeps wanting to bail early.  You should really have a talk with him about that.  This past month has seriously not been cool... but thanks for making me feel beautiful even when you've come home to me just about everyday in lounge-gear/PJs.  (Growing Belly+Jeans+Bed arREST=NOT COOL.)  Thanks for understanding that.  You don't mind that I fall asleep mid-sentence, at a Jimmy Eat World concert, during a movie... or shhhh I hate to say it but during one of your beloved Suns games, despite all your hollering.  You're always so cute with me when I do though... I'll wake up to find that you've created a make shift pillow out of your arm or whatever.  I love that you're the same way with Haven... seems like that's one of the few things she got from me; my low-grade narcolepsy :)  It's been the most beautiful thing to watch you love our daughter.  Even during this sleep-separation-anxiety she's had lately.  You've been so patient.  Even at random hours.  You are the best "daddy" she could ever hope for... especially at 3 in the morning.  I love that you bring me "My Sugar's Donuts," where you are friends with all the cute little old ladies there and bring me my favorite plain glazed with Chocolate Milk to dunk them in.  Mmmm.  I love that we have our favorite places like Carrabba's and Nevoli's and that we like the same things... well mostly.  I still have a cow when  you expect me to eat a cow that's not even dead it's so rare.  Ugh... but still you've compromised with Medium Well.  I eat the outsides you eat the middle.  It's a symbiotic relationship :)  Thanks for the cute text messages you send me on ordinary days... I love those little surprises.  The kisses on the forehead... the drives just so we can get Maggie Moo's, and the fact that you're not jealous of the other two man-loves of my life; Ben & Jerry.  In fact you share my love of ice cream... it's pretty amazing.  I love how this started out in 3rd person and is now in 2nd... but that's another thing I love that you love: my QUIRKINESS.  I'm pretty random... and you love it.  So here they are babe.  Our wedding photos that we don't have copies of outside of our wedding book... so they're pictures of pictures.  I'm over it if you are.  Just thought this would be fun to look at and would be easier to reminisce by looking on here than lugging that priceless but HUGE book around.  I love you SO SO SO much.  Thanks for still giving me those butterflies, for kissing me every chance you get, telling me how much you love me and still being so creative in showing me.  You are still the man of my dreams... four years later.  Happy Anniversary.  And no... I'm the luckiest.  I win.