Saturday, November 15, 2008

Los Hermanos Con Mi Familia

Here we all are:
(Haven, Greg, sister Sky, My cute Momma & Dad, brother Blake, Me, brother Tyler, his son Thatcher, and his wife Adrienne.)

After their amazing deep-fried ice cream... this is pretty much how we all looked :)
Waving to Dada...

Blowing window kisses
Getting a shoulder ride from Papa Pittson...
and loved every second of it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Logan's Birthday at the Maren & Seth's

We were invited to celebrate Logan's 24th over at Maren & Seth's.  Maren and I laughed when coming up with the menu; as was comprised of all of Logan's favorites.  In other words it was a smorgasbord of juvenile food.  Classic Logan.  Anyone who knows him knows... he's pretty much the pickiest eater.  Ever.  (Minus the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...) Haven, Wade and Wyatt were in heaven.  From Mac & Cheese... to chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes and gravy.  Mmmm.  Leave it to Maren & Seth to make a fabulous meal out of those staples... but it was WONDERFUL... topped off with Logan's favorite, HUGE CHOCOLATE CAKE from Costco... where Logan works.  
Here's Haven enjoying the meal and the company of her favorite boys... Wade... Wyatt and Zeke who she calls "Seek."  Just a little memory from this year- When I put out a nativity on the sofa table she couldn't get enough of the "baby," and when asked who it was for the first time... she called him "BABY SEEK!!!"  Pretty cute.  (She now knows all the main characters in the nativity scene, P.S.)  She can't get enough of baby Zeke... hopefully the feeling will be mutual when we have our own "baby" boy in this house.
Here we all are... (so Maren feel free to "gank" this pic since your guys' camera didn't catch everyone.)
My favorite chocolate covered faces in the world.
Here's Wyatt, Haven and Wade... she wasn't much into the Ben Ten they were watching but she loved whatever book that was that she was reading.  She loves books and "reading" which consists of her scanning through clumps of pages and pointing out objects she knows and stating the obvious things that are going on.  It's my favorite thing to listen to.  She's a "reading" riot.