Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year - New You - Swimsuit Giveaway!

Sun happens.  While it's amazing, brilliant, and glorious it also brings truth to the statement that too much of a good thing isn't always best.  Which can become rather worrisome seeing as our daughter is allergic to commercial sunscreens and breaks out in rashes and hives that can last for weeks from a single use.  Sunscreens are supposed to be safe right?  Unfortunately in most cases those chemical laden bottles touting to be "all natural" wander far from the truth.  Have you ever seen what it does to women's painted or acrylic nails, or to the elastic in swim suits or rubberbands?  Yikes.  I'm no rocket scientist but judging by how quickly it degrades sound substances I'd rather not slather our bodies' largest organ with it, literally forcing it into our pores and bloodstream in mere seconds.  Nah.  There's got to be a better way and along the way, as many of you our friends and family know we've been trying to bring another little into our family for years... and have such met with countless doctors almost everywhere... spending thousands of hours and dollars learning about health.   Along this journey we have been warned of the danger of the ingredients in typical sunscreens and have since tried dozens of different brands of sunscreens which can't seem to stand up to the tried and true method of physically blocking out sun rather than relying on chemicals to limit exposure.  Living in one of the sunniest places on Earth we realized we needed to try and find another solution.

After many unsuccessful internet searches and returning from multiple shopping trips empty handed when trying to find long sleeved SPF rashguards... not to mention easy to take on and off via the zipper,  with timelessly adorable styles... matching bottoms and cover ups?!  ... I was instantly smitten when I saw these on Sharktank.  Which is the only show we ever watch, when we can find the time, as the kids enjoy watching it along side us.  We love trying to guess who will get deals, shaking our heads at how uncongenial "Mr Wonderful" can be, and clapping for those with amazing ideas and inventions.  Needless to say when I saw this adorable mom and skin cancer survivor Betsy Johnson introduce her line of protective swimwear called SwimZip I fell head over sunny heels in love with it all.  So what are the odds that not knowing any of this that she would've wanted to team up with us?!  I don't know how the stars aligned just right but I'm so glad they did, as it's now giving two of our friends the opportunity to try these amazing creations for themselves! 

They make adorably protective swimwear for women, children, and men and are currently updating their looks for this coming season!  Be sure and check out their cuteness at, follow @swimzip and @shavonneupdike on Instagram, and tag a friend(s) who you think may like to try them out for your & their chance to win any suit combo or item from their site!  Two winners will be selected at random and will be announced on our Instagram account tonight... at Midnight!  I promise I'll keep my narcoleptic self awake till then!  Ha!  Here's to a New Year!  A New You!  And A New Suit for you or someone you love!  Share goodness friends!  Happy New Year!