Friday, April 24, 2009

I Hope It Gives You HEL...P!

Children are better than ANY mirror at reflecting back your greatest qualities... or revealing your imperfections, LARGE or small. They truly are life's best coaches.  They don't lie (when they're young enough :) and they tell you what you need, not want, to hear.  Their innocence also gives their opinions clarity and keeps them unbiased, as they see everything in an optimistic light, unless taught otherwise generally.  

It's funny to look at a series of events that can lead you to conclusions such as these... but I had an epiphany recently.  I'd like to think that I am always conscientious of the environment my children are in and try to make their lives with me as conducive to their long-term happiness as possible.  In other words, I try hard to be as "in the world and not OF it" as possible, especially as where money is concerned lately. :)   I listen to the radio... (sorry I'm not a mom who plays "MoTab" 24-7...) but I do turn off songs that I find offensive or are contrary to what I chose to have playing in my head... I seriously find myself asking; "is this a song that I want to have stuck in my head for the rest of the day?" If the answer is no... then I usually turn it right away... man, does Satan know how to candy coat the most rancid of subjects though.  It seems the most catchy melodies are usually hiding the most raunchy of lyrics.   Here's where my ah ha moment came in... or should I say when Haven decided to be the mirror I needed.  I was just driving along and as a song ended I didn't think self contemplation was needed when she began yelling "MORE HELP!!!  Mommy! MORE HELP!"  I immediately began asking her what she needed help with... she then began saying "No... MORE GIVES YOU HELP SONG!"  I just stopped.  

I literally stopped.  The car.  I pulled over and stopped.  (Luckily. I wasn't on the freeway... or around lots of construction that it seems we're surrounded by on most short trips.)  My world stopped.  I realized then and there, that little bunnies really do have big ears.  The All-American Rejects song, "Gives You Hell" had come on... in my defense... the lyrics are HILARIOUS :)... but to no av ail, nonetheless.  Dang.  I guess I just assume that because I change the lyrics and sing my own substitute word REALLY LOUD over word like "Damn" with DANG or "Hell" with HECK (though truly, that's the extent of the substitutions) that my kids won't hear what they're really saying... what I hadn't realized though was that Haven had filled in her own word, thank goodness.  She thought in her own vocabulary... as I don't think she's ever heard the world Hell... that the lyrics were: "When you walk my way, hope it gives you HELP... hope it gives you HELP!" 

Leave it to Haven to make a happy ending to a seriously deranged song "full of angst and hate" (just another reminder of a bad choice... )  I don't know how much longer I'll have to be blessed with the innocence of my little 2 year old who sees the world through her own set of 
rose-colored glasses... 
but I'm sure enjoying it now.  Thanks for being my little angel Haven.  I love and appreciate you and your fresh outlook on life more and more everyday.