Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stake Youth Conference

"Coolest Counselors EVER" Award goes to....
Here's me & Lori trying to make the 
army-man-girdle/rappel gear look cool.
Mission: Rappelling off of a platform
Minor Details: - 50 feet off of the GROUND!  
Yeah... FIFTY FEET.  Above the ground.
-I did the free fall first... oooohman.  I was "scurred."
-Some army man sargent's yelling at you to "just do it"... not cool.
(Last I checked it wasn't Nike camp... it was a youth retreat at an army base P.S.)
- The person belaying pretty much has your life in their hands.
-I mustered up enough courage assuming it's some pro army dude
below who does this 80 trillion times a day... wrong.
-Take a wild guess as to who my belayer was...
you'll see in the next picture...
it was a true leap of faith, I'm not gunna' lie.
(And here I am to tell the tale, so he wasn't half bad. :)
Still though... it was super scary.
Here I am on the wall... "like whoa"... 
but still nothing compared to the free fall one, I thought.
Greg would've been so proud... 
Lori and I couldn't stop laughing when we had seen
she'd taken this picture without us knowing!  
Not the most flattering attire... but whatev'! 
It kept us from falling 50 feet while repelling!
Yes... Nacho Libre paid us a visit.  
Here's me and Linds about to take a dip...
thanks to Lindsey packing an extra pair of 
her man's shorts, I was able to swim.  
(Everyone was asked to wear shorts and shirts over
their bathing suits, and the clothes I brought were being 
put to better use and were being loaned elsewhere... )
so here we are in all OF OUR JUMPING GLORY!!!
I was really worried about Havers relapsing into 
the same separation anxiety she had a couple weeks 
earlier (from when we went on the cruise... 
she was NOT a fun girl to come back to) so I asked Greg 
to bring her for a few minutes during the pool party
so I could munch on Her.  Here she is trying
to walk in my shoes.  It was a funny sight.
Here's Marshelle and the most talented little
girl ever playing their violins.  It was beautiful.
There were so many great speakers... as for this one:
He had 4 golf balls.  In his mouth.  At the same time.  
I'm still not sure whether to be disgusted or amazed.