Saturday, September 27, 2014

directions: press play, close your eyes, and listen.

I wish every single person I know could hear this song, and that I could tell each of you how amazing I think you are. No matter your circumstances, you are enough. You are more than your FB status, or your instagram posting habits, or the 59 selfies you took before you decided on one.  See that cell phone you're holding?  It's more of a mirror than any other piece of glass as it not only shows you what you look like but how you're perceived, and what others' outward opinions of you are.  Everything for better or for worse right there on that screen, and even when it's not an image of you on it... you're still there and visible ever so faintly in it's reflection.  A visual comparison of the real you compared to that photoshoped picture you're looking at.   You are more than that reflection of you because it is just that; it's mearly a reflection of you... it's not you.  Comparison is the theif of joy.  So stop comparing your "low" to someone's high point.  No picture, status or amount of followers, friends or likes can ever dictate your worth or how unique you are.   After the social media platforms we now use crumble like myspace, and that fancy mirror-like cell phone you're holding quickly becomes outdated, you'll realize the constant in our ever changing world is you.  You are always going to be you.  Amazing, talented, beautiful, you