Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Vacay!

My cousin Garrett & his wife Vanessa were able to come
last minute.  We're so glad they did.  These two 
are perfect "houseboating material", & are so much
fun to be around.  Love you guys-
Soft.  Orange.  Sand.
We just had to dig our toes in... it's not everyday
you get to step on something those three words describe.

This cop was a serious dummy.  Gotta' love Kanab.
What? What was that?  You like his Charley Chaplin 'stash?

The Loves of My Life
My Awesome Parents
My brother Blake
My brother Tyler

Here's Haven waving "bye-bye" to Nana & Papa... 
her heart was broken.
(In the picture above... just know that the golf cart driver closest
to the camera was mentally incompetent.  We had him take a picture
 of all of us together... (the only one the whole trip 'cause we didn't think
of it until everyone was about to leave.)  And we made the mistake of
having this bright ray of sunshine take our picture... we even asked him to
take two for safe measure... but as you can see, there isn't a picture of
us all together because Sherlock Holmes here didn't press the button.
And yes... I have asked several dozen randoms to take pictures of us from
time to time, you know... tourists even: asian, russian, french... 
nobody's ever NOT known how to press down on the button 
to actually take a picture.  Sorry... I guess I'm still a little miffed...)

Here's a sweet slide that we saw... I don't know who had the time
to make it... but I would have loved to go down it.  Flippin' sweet.
Pretty much everyone rocked a board behind the boat...
(me & my prego belly excluded.)

Here's Adrienne wakeboarding
All the other guys decided to try wake surfing for their first time.
Here's Tyler
Haven was the self-declared flag girl... she wouldn't put it
down so I guess it was a good thing for when people randomly
biffed it... she was ready to let other boaters know they
went down... 
Kinda like Logan did here.  
(I just had to include this one... it's too classic for words.)
(Not too bad for his first time doing any water sport, might
I add, to redeem his ego from the first photo.  We were all
pretty impressed.  Go Log!)

(There was another redemptive pic of Logan surfing here
however... I made the mistake of pressing the back button
which apparently on this application means NO RETURNING
the photo to the original location without having to delete and start
ALL over with the order of the pictures... lame.  
*Does anyone know a way around this?*  It's SOOO ANNOYING!  
I'll post another after I'm done with this one. Sorry this application's stone-age.)

Here's Blake... 
all 6'6'' of Garrett...
my soon-to-be 49 year-old Dad, who's still got it...
and the man who rocks the board and my world.  Go Greg.
We were on the hunt for ruins (which we didn't find this trip)
but we found the old Miner's Steps... and what do you know?
The guys had to check 'em out.  Shocker.  :)