Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So This Is Christmas...

Haven's first ride on the sled.  She loved it.
So this is Christmas... around our house.
The front room... 
She loves to be serenaded by daddy.
For our ward's "Super Saturday activity" we made these out of the glass blocks (generally used for encasing showers, that you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot for a few dollars.)  The idea they gave was to tie a ribbon around each, which was really cute, as they looked like presents.  I love the simple "ice blockish" look they have.  They're just printed out black and white nativity scenes on clear sticky-backed sheets.  The blocks come with a hole already drilled in them so I tucked white christmas lights in them.  
Haven and I have been enjoying the weather from the comfort of our own home... seeing as we haven't gotten out much with this bed rest situation :)  I really enjoy this weather, when I don't have to deal with Utah drivers combined with bad weather and slick roads: a lethal combination.
And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
We wanted our tree to capture last years' memories...

"Do you hear what I hear?" 

Our angel's little booty.

Diamonds are a...            girls best friend! :)
The Family Room

There's not nearly as much carmel corn in there anymore... 
and Haven and I are the culprits.

Looking out our back door...
With over a foot of snow... this is as far as Barkley made it before coming inside.  I think he's still traumatized from the car accident with Blake a few years back... you know when he was in the snow for over 24 hours.  Yeah.  He hates snow now, so we have to let him out the front door where he has a plowed path.  Wuss.

Greg decided to play and "plow" his way through the vacant streets.  With over a foot of fresh snow it was too much for him to resist.

The hottest snow-shoveler.  Ever.
Cute boy.
To avoid over-stimulation Christmas morning, we let her open one present early.  It was Brobee from the psycho show that she loves so much; Yo Gabba Gabba.

Here's Haven and "baby Emma"

I love how her nose crinkles when she laughs.

Grammy & Haven

She just couldn't even take it.
Loving Papa's piggy-back ride!
Haven & Kingston having "dancie dance time!"  
The best helpers ever... 
as long as they could sit in front of the T.V. and watch the Suns' game.  
Here they are prepping...
...for this toothless looking photo.  Classic boys.
(don't worry... as you can see, they did that part AFTER 
their "sterile baking services" were rendered :)
She has to have all 3 dolls... & all 3 blankets... at all times.
Here's Haven, Foofa, and her babies: Noel, Emma, and Haven.  (Yes, she named one of them, who looks just like her, Haven.)  
Here's the hot rod looking a little chilly.

While my mom was here we had Thatcher for 9 days while Tyler and Adrienne were on their cruise.  I'm posting highlights of his visit... these two were so cute together.  
Hugging Goodbye
Here's Uncle Greg trying to tame the mane.
Why buy a jungle gym when these two'll get a kick out of kitchen chairs?  Who'da thought?
Haven used her chair to define her own personal reading space...
while Thatcher was a lil' wild man and had to wriggle through them every chance he got.  
The same can be said for her high chair.  Cute boy.  It's crazy how different their personalities are.  She is ALL girl... and as you can see... he's very much a boy.
Their makeshift "chairs."
She loves being in little spaces... with her blankies and a book.
Going to baby Zeke's blessing.
Going on a walk with Nana.
We made our Christmas goodies... with lots of help from Nana & Sky.
She's a third generation chocolate lover.
Reading time with Nana & Papa Pittson.
Thanks to my dad & Greg... we have CHRISTMAS LIGHTS on both levels of our house this year!  (Probably my favorite thing so far this Christmas... Christmas lights are my absolute FAVORITE!)
If you only knew how my dad put his 
life on the line to put our lights up... 
thanks Fal.  Glad you're still with us.  :)