Monday, April 20, 2009


For those of you who don't live close enough to see what's been "growin' on" with Drake and have a minute to spare... 
First of all these two songs from Madagascar 2 seriously had me in tears.  HILARIOUS.  Everytime I change Drake's diaper I sing this to him... "I like 'em big... I like 'em chunky..." I can't help it when I have so MUCH of him to LOVE.  Seriously... his thighs are the cutest plumpest things ever.  So he's not really ROLLIE POLIE... (even though he does look like he's got rubber bands around his wrists and ankles... and if you look closely you'll see he has 5 double chins...) he's just my lil' HUGE HEIFER of a HIPPO... and I LOVE IT!  So I just had to put this video together for my not so little, little man.  I love the amazing baby you are Drake! Our family wouldn't be complete without your already lively personality in it.   Someday you'll probably beg me to delete this, but until then... I love kissing your "heftiness."  MUAH!