Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Fun-Filled Conference Sunday

Before they left on their mission to Toronto Canada, we were lucky enough to have my Aunt Suzie (my dad's sister) and Uncle Steve come over to watch Sunday-morning conference.  We had breakfast, watched the morning session and then went for a walk around our cute little neighborhood.
I just had to take a picture of Haven in her gear.  Hilarious, but she loved it.  Here she is just laid back... she wouldn't take off her "gasses," which of course in Haven terms means glasses.

She loved the homemade cookies we made... and her mismatched shoe ensemble.  She's stylin'.

Greg was playing "Torro" with Haven and a blanket...
she thought it was the ULTIMATE... luckily we caught her excitement on video.
My friend Tara (that I met when we were roomies in Spain) came over as well and we had a big conference watching party.  It was so fun to see her.  
Here's Haven struttin' her stuff in her hot-to-trot shoes...
The "Conference Watching Gang"
Haven, Greg, my brother Blake, me, Aunt Suzie & Uncle Steve
My beautiful aunt... is one hot "Sis Miss" 
Sister Missionary that is.  They're doing such a great job! 
What a fun-filled day.  Thanks for coming over guys!