Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Favorite Things Party

 Quick synopsis of our past 6 months... Greg and I had been renting while house-hunting and fell in love with the ward.  Long story short... and many friends later... we went from thinking we'd only be transients in a ward to looking to buy a home just so we could be in it. :)  Shortly after moving in... guess what happened.  Yup, our ward split... and we were suddenly out.  Ironic, right? 

On the bright side... we're a stone's throw away from the boundary and still very close with all our friends... while getting to make new ones in our fun new ward.  Before attending our new ward I was called as the Primary Chorister so I've literally never attended Relief Society or Sunday School.  Not that I don't adore my "little friends" and my calling... but I decided that I needed to make more of an effort to get to know ladies that weren't born in this century. :)  To do this, I though it might be fun to have a little get-together with a few ladies that I had met, as well as those I visit teach.

 Denise and her culinary self made some delicious coconut bread, egg & sausage bites, and little schnitzels.  Thanks Denise!

 We each brought our favorite thing that was $6 or less.  
We also wrote 5 things about ourselves and had to guess what they were.  The two that got the most right, won a little prize, 'cause after-all "Chocolate Never Faileth.":)  
We also voted on who was "warmest" and another who had the "most energy," they each got a little something that corresponded to their respective "gifts," (ie: Handwarmers and Bottled up Energy:). 
 We had a tie in awesomeness so we had
to rock-paper-scissor it out. :)

 Lovely ladies and even sweeter friends.
Nani's cute little David.
 I am so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing women and even more blessed that I can call them my wonderful friends.  Thanks for letting me soak up your sweetness.