Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun Weekend

Thursday we went to dinner with Sky at Los Hermanos on Main Street in Provo.  Long AWKWARD story short... Sky's been wanting a job there so I asked our server (who she knew, unbenounced to me) if they were hiring... she had an interview a few days ago and now has a job there!   We're exited for her... and even more excited to have an excuse to have the best Mexican food (Utah has to offer) more often. :)
Some people get WAY too into books.
Don't get me wrong... I LOVED the Twilight series...
but honestly.  Who's the girl who puts this on the back of her car?
Only in Provo.
Haven was dancing to music that was playing outside of a Thai restaurant where we were parked.
Her dancing is unmatched by any I've ever seen.  If you could call it dancing :)
She spins in a circle with one arm bent like a wanna be ballerina and then proceeds to do a head bob with some body bouncing action.  LOVE HER!
We went to dinner on Friday with Maren and Seth at Olive Garden in Sandy.
It was fun seeing them, and especially their 3 week old little Zeke.  
Who is ADORABLE.  It's always so cute to see Wade and Wyatt interact with Haven...
Here's Haven & Daddy having fun while we waited to be sat.
This was too classic of a picture to not take.  This is Haven's favorite thing in the world: to fall asleep with us while we watch a show.  A few of our Summer-time favorites right now are:
-The Closer
-America's Got Talent